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Free Visual Perception Packet

Visual perception is an area that drives so much of what we do. For kids who struggle with visual perceptual skills, so many areas are impacted. Visual perception impacts reading, writing, learning, comprehension, visual motor skills (including copying written materials), fine motor work, gross motor skills, eye-hand coordination, and even social emotional skills! It's amazing how this one area can impact so many areas of a life and functioning. Because some f our popular free visual perception worksheets have been used by so many therapists, I wanted to pull these resources together into an easy to access visual perception worksheet packet! This is it! Your 17 page packet of free visual perception worksheets can be accessed below.

Use these free visual perception worksheets to work on so many skills kieds need for reading and learning: visual attention, visual perception, visual closure, form constancy, spatial relations, and more!

Free Visual Perception Worksheets

Visual perception is made up of several areas that are crucial to development, learning, and functioning. Visual attention, visual spatial relations, visual closure, visual discrimination,

That's why I wanted to bring to you a valuable resource when it comes to understanding visual perception AND visual processing skills.

Below, enter your email in the form box and the packet will be delivered to your inbox. I need to send it via email as the packet is a large file. This one form will get you the entire 17 page packet, where the other forms on the other pages in this packet will deliver just one page. I am working behind the scenes to edit all of the other posts in this series of free worksheets so they deliver the big packet. 

More visual perception resources: 

Very soon, I will be sharing BIG news related to a new resource here on The OT Toolbox. To get everyone excited, and to share some resources that we already have here on the site, I've put together this collection of free visual perception printables. While these are scattered all over this website and already available as free downloads, I wanted to pull all of the worksheets together (along with a few new ones added to the bunch) to create a 17 page packet of visual perception worksheets.

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In the packet are a few themed visual perception worksheets. You'll find reproducible sheets to address figure-ground, form constancy, visual discrimination, as well as oculomotor skills like saccadic movements.

Visual Perceptual Skills and worksheets

Some of the worksheets included address:
Visual Figure-Ground
Visual Attention
Form Constancy
Visual Discrimination
Visual Memory
Sequential Memory
Visual Closure
Visual Spatial-Relations well as eye-hand coordination needed to complete pencil control exercises.

All of the worksheets are similar in style, making them a great collection for YOUR therapy toolbox!

For now, grab your visual perception printables, and start working on those visual skills!
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Get your Visual Perception Worksheet Packet here.

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    Be sure to watch for more news on an upcoming visual processing resource. It's going to be BIG!
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    More Information on Visual Perception Worksheets:

    For more information on the worksheets in this free packet, check out these posts describing some of the worksheets included in this packet of free visual perception worksheets:

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    More visual processing activities

    For even MORE information on visual perception and activities to use in your occupational therapy practice, you will want to join our free visual processing lab email series. It's a 3-day series of emails that covers EVERYthing about visual processing. We take a closer look at visual skills and break things down, as well as covering the big picture of visual needs.

    In the visual processing lab, you will discover how oculomotor skills like smooth pursuits make a big difference in higher level skills like learning and executive function. The best thing about this lab (besides all of the awesome info) is that it has a fun "lab" theme. I might have had too much fun with this one :)

    Join us in visual processing Lab! Where you won't need Bunsen burners or safety goggles!

    Click here to learn more about Visual Processing Lab and to sign up.

    Free visual processing email lab to learn about visual skills needed in learning and reading.

    Use visual perception worksheets to work on visual perceptual skills like figure-ground, visual discrimination, visual closure, visual attention, and other skills needed for handwriting, reading, and learning.

    Add these free visual perception worksheets to your therapy toolbox to work on visual processing skills like visual spatial awareness, figure ground, form constancy, visual closure and other perceptual skills in kids.