Parade BINGO Game

One of my favorite holiday traditions I have with my kids is sitting down to watch the Thanksgiving Day Parade. Watching the parade, floats, musical acts as they kick off the holiday season is such a calming and fun time for us as a family. One way that we enjoy the time together as a family is by playing Parade BINGO. Many moons ago, I came up with this game and made a quick little BINGO board. My kids would fill in the squares with things they thought they would see in the parade, and we would mark the spaces with candy corn as we saw items on our BINGO cards. This has been such a fun tradition for us that I’ve shared out makeshift BINGO cards on Instagram each year. This year, I decided to make a quick printout so you can play along too, with literally no-prep.

Free printable parade BINGO card

Thanksgiving Parade BINGO Game

You know how to play BINGO, but did you know that by playing the simple game, kids are working on a variety of skill areas? Things like visual perception, discrimination, form constancy, visual memory, visual scanning, figure-ground are just some of the visual processing skills that are addressed with a game of BINGO. Then there’s the auditory processing skills, executive functioning skills, fine motor skills, and even handwriting. Problem solving, self-awareness, and so many more skills are impacted with this simple game.

The Parade BINGO game works the same way you would play any other BINGO game. Fill inthe spaces, watch the parade, and when you see an item on your card, place a small marker on that space. You could also have kids color in the space to work on hand strength and line awareness, or you could mark an “X” on the spaces. The options are limitless.

You can play this game too. Print out the BINGO game card below and make a handful of copies. Play as a family, or let each family member have their own card.

Send the handouts home with clients or students as “homework”. Families will get the chance to connect and build memories all while working on the skills kids need.

Have fun with your game of Thanksgiving Parade BINGO. Enjoy!

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