Travel Bar Soap Case Fine Motor Kit

Travel Bar Soap Case craft

I love this Dollar Store therapy idea because it develops so many skills, making the materials a great addition to any occupational therapy bag. If you are looking for a Dollar Store craft that builds several areas (and can be used with a variety of levels of your caseload), then this animal soap holder craft … Read more

Fine Motor Mitten Race

Mitten race

Today, we have another fun Winter Fine Motor activity: a Mitten Fine Motor Race! This mitten race is a great way to play and build skills in several areas: motor planning, eye-hand coordination, crossing midline, and pencil control. Use this along with other winter activities for a whole lesson plan that develops functional performance. You … Read more

Gross Motor Toys

gross motor toys

If you are looking for the best gross motor toys to challenge coordination, balance, motor planning through whole-body movement and heavy work play, then you are in luck with these occupational therapy toys. Each one is designed to develop gross motor skills: strength, coordination, balance, posture, and more. PLUS, head to the bottom of this … Read more

Fine Motor Toys

Awesome fine motor toys for kids

Working on fine motor skills through play is natural. Here, you’ll find the very best fine motor toys designed to promote and support a variety of therapy skills. These occupational therapy toys support the development of precision, dexterity, hand strength, and coordination, through play. Let’s talk Fine Motor Toys! Fine Motor Toy Ideas Today is … Read more

Easy Ideas for Motoric Hand Separation

Motoric hand separation

There are many times throughout the day that hand separation in fine motor dexterity is used to stabilize and manipulate objects. But what do we mean by this phrase, “hand separation” and exactly What is Motoric Separation of the Two Sides of the Hand? We’ll get into that here, as well as cover specific separation … Read more

STEM Fine Motor Activities

Fine motor STEM activities

Occupational therapists work with fine motor development as a cornerstone of treatment.  With the current trend toward STEM education, it makes sense to blend the two into fine motor STEM activities and treatment in order to be more efficient and effective. What is STEM? STEM stands for science, technology, engineering and mathematics.  According to the … Read more

Fine Motor Activities and Games with Paper Clips

games with paper clips

Occupational therapists love to use everyday items in therapy, so these fine motor paper clip activities and fine motor games with paper clips are the best! Be sure to check out all of our fine motor activities with everyday items. You know what I’m talking about…those craft items, things, and tools that we all have … Read more