Outdoor Sensory Swing

Taking sensory diet activities and other sensory play activities into the outdoors is as easy as walking outside! There are so many opportunities for outdoor sensory experiences using the world around us. Add a few key components like water, chalk, playground equipment, toys, and tools and you’ve got a sensory gym right in your backyard. … Read more

Outdoor Sensory Diet Activity Cards

You may have seen a lot of outdoor play posts here on The OT Toolbox recently. There’s a reason why! We’ve been gearing up for the release of The Sensory Lifestyle Handbook which will be released on April 10th.  As a way to celebrate, we’re sharing three HUGE free resources related to sensory needs.  Up … Read more

Outdoor Recess Sensory Diet Activities

Kids are spending less time playing outdoors. From after-school schedules to two working parents, to unsafe conditions, to increased digital screen time, to less outdoor recess time…there is just less time for kids to get outside and PLAY!  When it comes to sensory play, using the outdoors in meeting sensory needs and through sensory challenges … Read more

What Research Says About Outdoor Sensory Play

Research has a lot to say about play. When it comes to outdoor sensory play, there is a lot that can be discussed too. With the upcoming release of The Sensory Lifestyle Handbook, which encourages sensory strategies and sensory diet use in creating a lifestyle of sensory enrichment, today we are talking all about what … Read more

Outdoor Sensory Diet Activities for Playing in the Woods

Kids just don’t get much time to play outdoors anymore. We talked about the impact that reduced outdoor play has to do with sensory processing needs in kids in our recent Outdoor Sensory Diet Activities post. We chatted about the benefits of outdoor play in a typically developing child as well as those with sensory … Read more

Outdoor Sensory Diet Activities for the Backyard

So often, kids are sent home from therapy with a sensory diet of specific activities and sensory tools that are prescribed for certain sensory processing needs. When a therapist creates a home exercise program, they do their best to ensure carryover through small lists of activities, parent education, and  motivating activities that are based on the child’s interests … Read more