Outdoor Sensory Activities

outdoor sensory activities

Have you ever considered what a wealth of sensory input there is in outdoor sensory play? Here, you’ll find outdoor sensory activities that would make a great addition to outdoor occupational therapy sessions, or just sensory input through playing outdoors! Consider taking the benefits of sensory play and moving them to an environment with differences … Read more

Outdoor Sensory Diet Cards Deal

outdoor sensory diet cards

The outdoors are the ultimate sensory experience for kids!

Create the “right kind” of sensory experiences to improve regulation, attention, focus, body awareness, motor development, and sensory processing.

Outdoor play provides sensory input in all planes, directions, and with multiple senses.

  • 180 Outdoor Sensory Diet Activity Cards-Easy, fun, and motivating for sensory-based movement
  • Outdoor Recess Sensory Diet Cards– Powerful source of calming and organizing input!
  • Outdoor Sensory Challenge Cards– Valuable tool in creating individualized home programs Kids WANT to complete
  • Outdoor Sensory Diet Cards– Make memories for the whole family while meeting the needs of a child with sensory processing challenges

Outdoor Sensory Activities for the Backyard

outdoor sensory activities for kids with sensory processing challenges.

If you are looking for outdoor sensory activities, this is the place to start. Here, you’ll find outdoor sensory ideas to address each sensory system. Also included are sensory play ideas to use in the backyard when creating an outdoor sensory diet for children. Outdoor Sensory Activities or a Sensory Diet? So often, kids are … Read more

Outdoor Sensory Activities: Visual Sensory Processing

outdoor sensory activities for visual processing

Getting kids outside is more important in recent months and years than ever before. That’s why I’ve put together a series of blog posts on outdoor sensory activities for visual processing and visual motor strategies to incorporate in outdoor sensory play. You may have seen our Backyard Summer Sensory series that covers all things outdoor … Read more

Outdoor Sensory Activities: Proprioception

outdoor sensory activities proprioception

You may have seen our Backyard Summer Sensory series that covers all things outdoor sensory activities.  Today, I’ve got outdoor sensory focusing o proprioception activities that are designed to get the kids moving with heavy work using items you’ve probably already got right in your backyard. These are easy ways to build sensory breaks into … Read more

Outdoor Sensory Activities: Vestibular Sense

outdoor sensory activities using the vestibular sense

This collection of outdoor sensory activities focus on the vestibular sense. Today, I’ve got another post in the Backyard Sensory Summer series that have here on the website. This series of summer activity ideas are perfect for challenging kids to get outdoors and play. The backyard sensory ideas can be used as part of a … Read more

Outdoor Sensory Activities: The Tactile Sense

This article on outdoor sensory activities focuses on the tactile sense. Our sense of touch plays a huge part in sensory experiences, sensory tolerance and challenging behaviors (the actions we see) as a result of difficulties regulating tactile sensory input. From tickly grass on the bare feet to tolerating bathing suit textures or sunscreen, tactile … Read more