Body Awareness Activities Using Proprioception

Body awareness activities

Let’s talk body awareness activities using proprioception, or heavy work to bring awareness to where the body is, how the body moves, and awareness of self. Proprioception is one of the senses that is involved with everything we do. This sensory system plays a major role in body awareness. Below you’ll find body awareness occupational … Read more

Outdoor Sensory Activities: Proprioception

outdoor sensory activities proprioception

You may have seen our Backyard Summer Sensory series that covers all things outdoor sensory activities.  Today, I’ve got outdoor sensory focusing o proprioception activities that are designed to get the kids moving with heavy work using items you’ve probably already got right in your backyard. These are easy ways to build sensory breaks into … Read more

Dinosaur Proprioception Activities

dinosaur movement cards for kids to use for heavy work and coping tools to address dinosaur sized feelings

This dinosaur brain break activity is a set of free proprioception activities that provides heavy work with a dinosaur theme, making movement and proprioceptive input a fun way to address dinosaur -sized needs. Whether you are looking for heavy work activities for the kids to add to distance learning or heavy work activities for OT … Read more

Proprioception Sensory Activities

We share a lot of creative ways to encourage calming strategies, attention building techniques, and creative sensory play ideas.  These proprioception sensory activities are heavy work activities that can be used to help kids address sensory needs and challenge their proprioceptive system. Check out all of the proprioception sensory play activities that are found on … Read more

Christmas Proprioception Activities

This time of year, the hustle and bustle of the season can make all of us feel a little out of sorts.  For the child with sensory issues, the holiday season can be a real challenge!  Try adding Christmas Proprioception Activities into your child’s day for calming strategies to meet sensory needs.   For more ideas, … Read more

Fall Harvest Themed Proprioception Activities

You might have seen this month’s sensory calendar.  October is all about harvest, leaves, and pumpkins and those harvest themes are very sensory experiences!  Being that October is Sensory Awareness month, this small series is perfect for sharing.  Try the activities below to add a bit of Proprioception Sensory activities with a Fall Harvest theme! … Read more