How to Hold Scissors

Scissor grasp activities and strategies to teach kids how to hold scissors.

Part of teaching scissor skills is knowing how to hold scissors. Holding scissors correctly is a skill that some children struggle with achieving.  You can walk into any classroom and see multiple ways children grasp scissors. This impacts the way they are able to cut with good hand and finger control. If bad habits are … Read more

Toys to Improve Scissors Skills

scissor skills toys

Today we are talking all about the very best toys to improve scissor skills. When kids are learning to cut with scissors, developing scissor skills precision through actual use of scissors to cut various grades of paper is the primary goal and means. But, did you consider different toys that support scissor skill development? These … Read more

Cutting with Scissors Program

Tips to teach kids to hold scissors

Teaching kids to cut with scissors depends a lot on the type of cutting scissors that are used. Ask any pediatric occupational therapist, and you will find recommendations for kid-friendly scissors that actually allow kids to cut paper. You know…the training scissors to introduce kids to scissor skills…the ones that don’t just tear through paper. … Read more

Simple Trick to Teach Kids to Cut with Scissors

When you teach kids to cut with scissors, it can be quite difficult.  There are many “parts” to scissor skills and cutting out a shape.  Holding the scissors correctly, extending the wrist, grasping and turning the paper, opening and closing the scissors with precision, cutting along the line, and using graded cuts to stop and … Read more

Teach Kids How to Slow Down to Cut on Lines With Scissors

If you’ve ever tried to teach kids how to cut with scissors, you may have ended up with a snipped finger or two.  Teaching kids how to cut on lines can be a tricky thing.  When children with attention or behavior difficulties are learning to cut with scissors, it can be quite difficult to hand … Read more

Creative & Fun Ways to Help Kids Cut With Scissors

I think every Occupational Therapist has stories of injuries they’ve gotten during treatment sessions.  Whether it’s a biting kiddo with behavioral difficulties, or a foot stepped on during a treatment session re-teaching transfer techniques with a post-CVA adult, there are a lot of injuries that an OT might have to deal with in the name of a patient’s goal … Read more