Spring Occupational Therapy Activities

Spring occupational therapy activities

This occupational therapy activity book is designed to meet the foundations of sensory needs in order to work on higher tasks that present as difficulties in functional skills.  The activities can be adapted in several different ways so that the resource calendar can be used over and over again in coming months.

There are 109 activities in this book using all of the combinations of activities.

Spring Handwriting Activities

Spring handwriting activities

This has been a fun week on The OT Toolbox! We’ve been celebrating all things Spring with activities geared toward developing various underlying skills that kids need. Today we’re covering Spring Handwriting Activities and ways to promote legible handwriting with a spring theme. These are handwriting activities that you can use to work on letter … Read more

Spring Visual Perception Activities

Spring themed visual perception activities for kids

Have you been following along with the Spring Week activities this week? All week long we’re covering various aspects of development and function with fun and creative spring-themed ideas. Today you’ll find Spring Visual Perception Activities. These are ways to promote visual perceptual skill development and the visual components that are needed for skills like … Read more

Spring Sensory Activities

Spring sensory activities

Welcome to day 3 of Spring Week here on The OT Toolbox. Today, we’re talking about all things sensory. When it comes to spring and the change in the weather (hopefully), a few sensory-themed activities can be a tool for working on a variety of skill areas, all through play and sensory exploration. Today, we’re … Read more

Spring Gross Motor Activities

Spring gross motor activities

Did you see yesterday’s collection of spring fine motor activities? Today we’re back in our Spring Week series to bring you 5 full days of Spring Occupational Therapy Activities. Today, we’ve got gross motor ideas that have a Spring-theme. You’ll find throwing activities, ways to work on the eye-hand coordination needed for catching a ball, … Read more

Spring Fine Motor Activities

Spring fine motor activities

Looking for Spring Fine Motor Activities to do with the kids this time of year? This is the space to find creative activities and ideas to promote fine motor strength, dexterity, open thumb web space, arch development, and the precision grasp needed for functional tasks like pencil grasp, endurance in handwriting, scissor use, clothing fastener … Read more

Spring Occupational Therapy Activities

There might just be a turn in the weather! With a new season comes a new set of occupational therapy activities for the school-based occupational therapist or the OT working in early intervention or an outpatient clinic. I’m excited to share an update to our Spring Occupational Therapy packet that now has a TON of … Read more

Spring Occupational Therapy Activities Packet

Spring occupational therapy activities

Looking for activities to add into therapy sessions, recommend in home programs, or to use in the classroom or home? You probably want ideas that promote developmental skills that kids need for effective and functional skills. That’s why I’ve put together the Spring Occupational Therapy Activities Packet!  This time of year, one of our more … Read more