Outdoor Sensory Activities: The Tactile Sense

This article on outdoor sensory activities focuses on the tactile sense. Our sensory touch plays a huge part in sensory experiences, sensory tolerance and challenging behaviors (the actions we see) as a result of difficulties regulating tactile sensory input. From tickly grass on the bare feet to tolerating bathing suit textures or sunscreen, tactile input … Read more

Fall Tactile Sensory Activities

Help kids tolerate tactile sensory play with these Fall tactile sensory activities.

This time of year, it’s fun to encourage Fall tactile sensory activities to promote and encourage the sense of touch and tactile challenges. Kids will love these Fall tactile sensory activities.  Kids and families can get involved in these fall and harvest themed activities that just might start a new seasonal tradition while encouraging sensory … Read more

Occupational Therapy Money Management Activities

occupational therapy money management

Occupational therapy money management activities are a functional task for all ages. One way that occupational therapy providers support clients is by targeting the areas of function and daily tasks that enable independence such as ADLs and IADLs. One area may be counting money. In this blog post, we’re covering teaching clients to manage money … Read more

Back to School Sensory Activities

back to school sensory activities

It’s that time of year and having a few back to school sensory activities up your sleeve can make all the difference in a stuffy, hot classroom when kids need self-regulation tools after a long summer break. Whether you are looking for classroom sensory diet strategies, or sensory strategies for the school-based OT, putting a … Read more

All About Me Preschool Activities

all about me preschool activities

One of the most popular back to school themes for preschoolers is “All About Me.” so this blog post, loaded with all about me preschool activities (also great for the Pre-K age range) is a great one to start off the school year. The preschool activities that can be incorporated in this theme range from … Read more

Social Emotional Activities for Preschoolers

social emotional activities for preschoolers

In today’s blog post, we’re talking all about social emotional activities for preschoolers…and for good reason! Emotional skills have become one of the most discussed milestone checklists as children learn how to respond to their feelings at home and at school. Having a set of emotion activities preschoolers love is a key component to developing … Read more

Sensory Egg Dying Activities

sensory egg dying

There are many sensory activities that can be used to dye Easter eggs. In this blog post, you’ll find several sensory ways to dye eggs. Whether you are using natural egg dyes, movement activities to dye eggs, or using a rice shake egg dye activity, the sensory egg activities are perfect for adding movement that … Read more