Snowman Visual Perception Worksheets Set

snowman visual perception worksheets set

Running out of visual perception activities during the long winter months?  The Snowman Visual Perception Skills Pack has you covered!  This digital worksheet packet includes ten different worksheets to target visual perception and visual motor skills.

Who doesn’t love snowmen?  These great designs are eye catching, engaging, and fun for even the most reluctant learner.  The Snowman Visual Perception Skills Pack contains several great worksheets that can be easily downloaded and printed for immediate use.

Visual Perception Toys

visual perception toys

Let’s talk visual perception toys. These games, toys, and play are designed to promote visual perceptual skills: a complex combination of various visual processing skills. These visual perceptual skills are necessary together and in coordination with one another in order for use to see information. Occupational therapy toys that visual information to create responses support functional … Read more

Tangrams Shapes Visual Perception Kit

Tangrams Visual Perception Kit

Visual perceptual skills are important.  Deficits can be corrected with time and practice. Presenting the Tangrams Shapes Visual Perception Kit!

Older therapists may remember tangrams from childhood.  Unlike fads, classic games and toys span generations. Like Playdough, Mr. Potato Head, and Candyland, Tangrams have stood the test of time.  

Why? Tangrams are simple and classic.  There is only one way to solve the tangram. They teach valuable visual perceptual skills.  Included in this Tangrams Shapes Visual Perception Kit is 22 pages of downloadable printable pages for use with students of different ages and levels.

This is a digital file.

Apple Visual Perception Skills Pack

apple visual perception skills pack

Over a dozen amazing apple visual perception activities and printable pages for your back to school fall apple theme!

Teachers and therapists love thematic lesson and treatment plans.  Themes help streamline learning, keep students motivated, and provide multimodal learning opportunities.

Visual perception is the cornerstone of reading, writing, and math skills. Without good visual perception, students will struggle to acquire basic and higher level academic skills. More and more students suffer from learning disabilities than ever. Jump in quickly and early to strengthen these skills.

This visual perceptual skills pack works on critical skills such as: visual scanning, visual discrimination, fine motor skills, visual memory, eye hand coordination, pencil control, figure ground, visual closure, and form constancy.  These reusable print and go pages will teach critical skills, keeping students engaged while practicing.

Spring Visual Perception Activities

Spring themed visual perception activities for kids

Have you been following along with the Spring Occupational Therapy activities this week? All week long we’re covering various aspects of development and function with fun and creative spring-themed ideas. Today you’ll find Spring Visual Perception Activities. These are ways to promote visual perceptual skill development and the visual components that are needed for skills … Read more

Sun Visual Perception Activity

sun visual perception activities

Working on visual perceptual skills with kids this summer? This sun visual perception activity is a fun way to build skills needed for handwriting and reading! It’s a free therapy slide deck that builds skills like visual discrimination, form constancy, and visual figure-ground. Sun Visual Perception Activity Summertime doesn’t have to mean not working on … Read more

Outer Space Visual Perception Worksheet #2

Outer space visual perception worksheet

This outer space visual perception worksheet is a fun printable page for kids who love all things outer space!  Sometimes a fun puzzle is just the way to make to therapy fun.  This Space Visual Perception Puzzle helps kids develop and build skills such as visual discrimination, spatial reasoning, visual motor skills, and motor planning. … Read more