Christmas Tree Hole Punch Activity

This Christmas Tree Hole Punch activity is an OLD fine motor activity on our site, but it’s one you’ll want to add to your Christmas occupational therapy activity line up. Why? Because the simple Christmas tree activity is easy to set up and builds many skills all at once: fine motor, bilateral coordination, eye-hand coordination, hand strength, and much more are all developed with one fun activity. All of this skill-building makes it a Christmas craft for kids that is a must this time of year!

Christmas tree hole punch fine motor activity

Christmas Tree Hole Punch for Therapy

This Christmas Tree Fine Motor Activity is a Christmas themed busy bag that will hopefully help some of that hectic holiday craze that happens this time of year.  Give the kiddos this proprioception powerhouse punching activity and be assured that the kids will be learning, getting out a little holiday wiggles, and you, Mama, can cross off an item from that post-it note.  

Or grab a cup of coffee and just relax for a second.  Both are equally important.

Check out these Christmas Fine Motor Activities for more creative ways to work on fine motor skills and address development of skills this Christmas season. 

This activity will help your child with:

  • Number Identification
  • Counting
  • One-to-One Correspondence
  • Gross Hand Grasp
  • Proprioceptive Input
  • Direction Following
  • Problem Solving
  • Bilateral Hand Coordination
  • Scissor Skills (See corresponding post, to be published, soon!)
  • Allowing Mom to cross off one item from her sticky note to-do list
Christmas Tree hole punch activity

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Christmas Tree Hole Punch

This activity is perfect for an Occupational Therapist‘s treatment bag in the days leading up to Christmas.  Kids get a little bit excited (right?) and the wiggles and giggles may end up leading to sensory overload.  A proprioception activity like punching holes is perfect to provide heavy work input to the hands and add calming input.  

Using a hole punch provides a gross hand grasp strengthening work to the hands.  This activity is perfect for a Christmas themed warm-up activity before handwriting this season.

A busy bag is intended to keep little hands busy, while learning, exploring, and getting stronger through fine motor play!  And, what does a mom need on occasion for little ones, but busy activities for quiet time.


Christmas tree hole punch and punching holes each each tree

Materials Needed for a Christmas Tree Hole Punch

This Christmas Tree activity is easy to put together.  We used just a few items:

How to make the Hole Punch Christmas Tree

To make the Christmas tree counting busy bag:

  1. Cut the Green Cardstock into tree shapes.  
  2. Add trunks with the Brown Cardstock.  Glue these in place at the base of each triangle.  
  3. Use the black marker to write a number on each tree trunk.
  4. Next, show your child how to name the number on the Christmas tree and then to punch the corresponding number of holes into the branches of the tree.

Enjoy this time as your kiddo counts, hole punches, and works on so many skills.  And rest assured that they will be doing a productive activity…and not adding more to that to-do list!

Christmas Tree Busy Bag Counting and proprioception activity


Christmas tree hole punch

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