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We’ve got a mini circus theme going on this week with play, crafts, and awesome-ness!  We thought it would be fun to put together a bunch of ideas for a circus party or circus themed event at school, vacation bible school, or summer camp.  Just a few clicks around Circus boards on Pinterest and you’ll find loads of creative circus-themed crafts, activities, games, and decorations.  These ideas are easy to put together and a great way to throw in a little learning, too!

Circus Party Favors

No circus is complete without the clowns.  While you may not have a clown at the party (or a loving uncle who is willing to dress up…), all you need is a bunch of clown noses.  These are great party favors and the perfect photo-opp for a bunch of cute (sugar rush-crazed) kiddos!  Use them in games too by having the kids toss the clown noses into buckets. Add a few baggies of popcorn and animal crackers and you are set on the party favors.

Circus Party Decorations:

Décor for a backyard circus requires only a few of these Red & White Striped Table Skirts thrown on  the tables.  If you’ve got a tree in the party area, a mini-circus tent would make a totally cute play area.  I love the simplicity and awesomeness of this no-sew circus tent.  Re-used, the tent is the perfect outdoor pretend play/reading area. Decorate the party area with a few strands of Pennant Banners and the scene is set!

Circus Party Games:

Circus Games and Activities are the hit of the real circus and the backyard themed party!  I love that these ideas can be re-used once the party is packed up and a memory.  One of our favorite toys that we use ALL the tme in learning activities, pretend play, sensory activities are our animal figures.  These circus animal figures and circus animal train will be perfect in a circus party sensory bin.  Throw the animals into a big bin filled with rainbow colored rice, a few scoops and funnels, and you’re set.  If the weather permits, these circus animals would be great in a baby pool with water. 
The circus and it’s carnival games make great memories!  This bean bag toss game and ring toss set
are a great way to get the kids moving.  Make it a learning opportunity by adding math into the game or working on colors as the kids play.  The younger kids (and hey, older ones too!) love the Duck Pond Pool at the circus.  Add a sticker to a few of the rubber ducks
and the party go-ers can win a prize.

Circus Party Essentials:

The red and white colors of the circus are classic and fun!  I love these red and white paper straws.  Grab up some red and white packs of paper plates and napkins from the dollar store and your food essentials are done.  We’re all about simple and it’s easy to eliminate costs on party supplies in the paper plate area.
When it comes to the snacks for kids, a popcorn buffet and bowls of animal crackers hit the mark.

Let us know if you plan a circus themed party. We would love to hear about your party details!  Stop on over to our facebook page and share the fun with us!

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