Cowboy Birthday Banner

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Our little boy was turning one, and my husband and I decided to throw him a cowboy themed birthday party.  To help decorate the large room we rented, and to show off the growth of our little buckaroo, we decided to create a photo and video display.  We printed large photos of him – one for each month of his first year.  The left side displayed newborn to 6 months.  The right side showed 7 months to 12 months.  In the center, we had a TV playing home movies featuring our little cowboy.

 With Halloween around the corner, hay bales and cornstalks were easy to find.  We ordered the cow print balloons on Amazon.  Thick twine and clothes pins were used to string everything together, giving it a western feel.  

At first, I wasn’t sure what I was going to mount the photos on.  Then, I was shopping in a party supply store, and I spotted bandana printed place-mats.  They were absolutely PERFECT!
They fit my theme, made an awesome border around the pictures, and they were the perfect size.
I got 50 paper place mats for $2.50.    

I also used the place-mats to create this “Birthday Buckaroo” sign.  
I was able to use a die cutting machine to cut out the words.  
I loved seeing the home movies playing during the party.  What mom wouldn’t love showing off
3 straight hours of adorable baby footage?!?  We kept the volume very low so that it wouldn’t interfere with conversations (or the country music we had playing.)  
I think it gave the guests something to watch and talk about too!
It is amazing how quickly kids grow.  The first photo on the banner showed our little baby 
snug as a bug in a swaddle.  The last photo showed him riding a toy pony.  
My, how things have changed in 12 months!   

As you can tell – I was one proud momma!

See the invitation to the party here