DIY Handprint Ornaments **25 Days of Christmas Play**

Day 24 of 25 Days of Christmas Play
Handprint Ornaments made with salt dough!

I wanted try making these cute salt dough handprint ornaments I saw on The Imagination Tree earlier this week.  The recipe was simple and it was so FUN!  My daughter had a blast mixing the dough with her hands for a long time.


I rolled them out pretty thick so they had to bake for several hours on low heat (200F).   I baked them on a silicon baking sheet that had some textured bumps on the back.  I let them sit out overnight turned upside-down to make sure they were nice and hard, ready to paint!


My daughter had so much fun with this one.  Little guy thought it was pretty neat feeling when he pushed his little hand into the dough.


We decided to make it pretty simple, just paint the handprint one color and the outside another color.  I painted their names and the year on the back with black paint to make it stand out. 


String a little string through the holes and tie them in a knot, Ta-Da!  Simple handprint ornaments to enjoy for years to come!



I am so happy to have these little handprints!  I don’t want to think about how little they are going to look when comparing them next year…these little babies are growing so fast! 

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