DIY Tiered Cookie Tray

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This is seriously the easiest project and I just had to share!
 How much would you pay for this in a store???
Would you believe I made this for $5.30???
 I am in the process of making a ton of cookies for a very special event and I wanted to place them on a cute tray that doesn’t take up a lot of room. 
I found these cute plates and candle sticks at the local Goodwill.   I like the different shapes and colors but you can also do all one color.  If you are looking for something lightweight I think plastic would work well too.  This was a steal (and I think the candle sticks are REAL silver).

 The entire process took all of 5 minutes, most of the time was me trying to get the glue to come out.  I used something called Loctite Epoxy for Metal/concrete (I just happened to have this in my house already).  I think clear rubber cement would probably work just as well if not better.

I will to post a picture with it full of cookies once the tray is dry:)