Free Visual Processing Lab

Visual processing impacts everything we do! When kids struggle with things like writing on the lines, managing buttons, catching a ball, or finding a missing shoe in a messy room…visual processing skills are at play. The thing is, the components of visual processing are more than meets the eye (literally)!

Free Visual Processing Lab

Visual processing involves several areas like oculomotor function, visual perception, and visual-motor skills. These underlying areas make all the difference in skills like handwriting, fine motor skills, learning, reading, functional tasks…everything!
What if I told you that there is a new resource available through The OT Toolbox. The Visual Processing Lab is here! It’s a short email series that covers everything you need to know about visual processing. And you can join us!
Visual processing lab for information on visual perception, visual-motor integration, oculomotor skills, and more.
The best thing about this email lab (besides the lab theme references) is that you will leave with tools you need to better understand visual processing. When you join us in lab, you’ll get a free 15 page lab book that is your guide to understanding visual processing.
In visual processing lab, we’ll cover:
  • The Big Picture of Visual Processing (including definitions)
  • Taking a closer look at visual processing (including specifics and “red flags”)
  • Experiments, Interventions, Reflection on the lab contents. We’ll also do two hands-on experiments as part of the lab, and intervention ideas.
This lab is going to be fun!
Join us in Visual Processing Lab!
Visual processing lab is great for better understanding visual perception, oculomotor skills, visual motor integration, and more.

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Free visual processing lab

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