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What if you could help kids cope with emotions, focus, and regulate behaviors with FUN, themed deep breathing exercises?

Deep breathing exercises are a calming strategy that help kids regulate emotions, behaviors, worries, and that "fight or flight" state so they can function.

These 113 deep breathing exercises include 2 types of printable deep breath exercise cards, and 9 different themes so children can mindfully reset and get things done.


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Get the Deep Breathing Cards for $6

Print-and-go breathing exercises to help children with coping skills, self-regulation, mindfulness, attention, worries, frustration, and mindset.

Use fun, themed, fine motor activities so you can help children get to a ready-to-go, calm and alert state of self-regulation.

Includes 2 different sizes of deep breathing exercises: keychain flip cards and playing card-sized cards

I Need Deep Breathing Exercises!

What you’ll get with these deep breathing exercise cards:

Deep breathing exercise themes include:

  • Foods and Drinks
  • Wind and Air
  • Sound
  • Nature
  • Animals and Insects
  • Oral Motor Exercises
  • Transportation Vehicles
  • Shapes and Colors
  • Alphabet

Deep Breathing for Kids:

Deep breathing exercises are a strategy for self-regulation, coping, and mindfulness. Deep breath exercises can also help children  feel calmer so they can focus. Concentrated breathing is an effective strategy to help kids achieve a calm-alert state so they can prepare for a challenge or new activity. Breath control uses conscious breathing, or an awareness of using deep breaths as a strategy for regulation. Engaging the diaphragm for full, “belly breaths” allow for controlled breathing and is helpful in allowing children to reach a calm and alert state so they can attend, focus, and perform functional tasks.

Breathing exercises have been shown to activate the parasympathetic nervous system which tones down the bodies fight or flight response to stress.  Deep breathing, mindful breathing, and deep breathing exercises are tools to help to achieve this state of regulation.

Children benefit from visual analogies that show them how to take deep breaths in and mindfully become more aware of how their body responds to controlled breaths. The cards in this resource can be used as visual tools to promote a calm-alert state.

The Deep Breathing Exercise Card Set Includes:

113 Keychain Flip Cards

Print and go! Use the keychain sized cards that can be added to a ring and used in sensory diets while on the go or in learning environments.

Oral Motor Exercises

No other equipment needed. These heavy work exercises can be done anytime, using just the mouth. Adding exceptional proprioceptive input through the lips, tongue, and cheeks, use these cards in sensory diets to help children achieve a calm and ready state of regulation.

A-Z Alphabet Cards

Add to multi-sensory handwriting and multi-sensory spelling learning activities. These alphabet cards get kids moving, developing core strength, coordination, and motor planning...with all the benefits of deep breathing.

Playing Cards Breathing Strategies

113 Deep Breathing Exercises in playing card-sized cards. Use the playing cards in games, sensory diets, therapy programming, or as a flip and play game.

Shapes and Colors Deep Breathing Exercises

Deep breathing exercises a strategy that kids can use anytime, even when they don’t have the cards with them. Children can trace the shapes on the palm of their hands, adding a kinesthetic and tactile component to the coping strategy.

Nature Deep Breathing

Nature themes for calm and alerting focusing. Also includes themes such as animals, foods, sounds, colors, shapes, and alphabet. Can be incorporated into many educational learning themes.

Don’t wait, get this packet of NO-PREP deep breathing cards and home program activities for ALL ages.

I need deep breathing exercise cards!