Handwriting Problems

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If you are looking for answers to common handwriting problems in kids, then this is the place to start for handwriting help, activities to help kids improve the skills they need for legible written work, and success when writing with a pencil. Handwriting problems are common for kids of all ages. There are many reasons for this (read more below) but the good news is that there are ways to address the underlying developmental need and to accommodate or modify to promote improved legibility. You can find all of our handwriting on the tab at the top of the site, but this is a headquarters for specific legibility problem areas. 

Kids with handwriting problems will love these strategies that are fun and work on written work skills.

Do you know a child with handwriting struggles?

Are you a parent who sees their child battle the pencil every day as they try to write letters, erase completely, and read the homework they wrote down in school just an hour earlier?

Are you a teacher who has students who consistently reverse letters, write with little regard to the lines, uses a strange pencil grasp, or can not keep up with the rest of the class because of handwriting issues?

Are you a therapist who works with kids one-on-one to meet handwriting goals and then cringe to see that same child not carrying over skills he’s seemed to master?  Or are you looking for ways to meet handwriting goals so that your clients can achieve success in the classroom?

Are you a homeschooling parent who knows their smart child isn’t learning as they should be because of handwriting issues?

Common Handwriting Problems

Handwriting struggles are not a new thing.  Kids have been writing with a sloppy John Hancock since the very first handwriting tool! What is new, is less time for handwriting instruction in classrooms, more computer use in the classroom, more kids who come into the school lacking fine motor skills, more awareness of underlying skill areas like visual processing abilities, and higher expectations on our kids in school, after school activity schedules, and faster-paced national classroom standards. 

Common handwriting problems include:

Poor letter formation
Awkward pencil grasp
Poor use of lines
Poor letter size
Poor spacing between letters and words
Difficulty copying written work
Inaccurate margin use
Trouble writing across the page left-to-right pattern
Reversal of letters
Inconsistency with upper case/lower case letter use
Trouble carrying over handwriting practice
Sloppy writing during creative writing tasks
Trouble erasing completely
Difficulty paying attention when writing
Lack of awareness of pencil pressure
Writes in the wrong order (Left to right)
And many more handwriting issue
If any (or many!) of these problem areas sound familiar, then you are in the right place.  This is a place where I can lead you toward tips, strategies, and tools for better handwriting.  
Looking for easy handwriting activities to help with underlying skills?  There are many on this site. 
Looking for help with cursive handwriting? I’ve got many creative ways to work on cursive letter formation.
Looking for ways to help with pencil grasp? There are many ways to work on pencil grasp through creative play ideas.

These hands-on activities are a fun way for kids to work on visual motor integration that is needed for common handwriting problems.
Looking for ways to build the underlying visual motor integration skills needed for handwriting?

Be sure to bookmark this page because I will be sharing more ways to develop the skills needed for consistent, legible handwriting and preparing go-to resources so that you can find all of these handwriting strategies, tips, and tricks in one place.

Cursive handwriting activities for kids with handwriting problems.Kids will love these fun activities designed to improve pencil grasp and other handwriting problems.Activities designed to help with visual motor integration and handwriting problems in kids.
These hands-on activities are helpful for many common handwriting problems that kids struggle with.
Looking for more handwriting ideas? The Handwriting Book is a complete guide to everything handwriting.  This is a resource by 10 Occupational Therapists and Physical Therapists that describes the underlying developmental areas related to handwriting and strategies, tips, and ideas to help.  
 The Handwriting Book

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