We are new to hand print art, (but made a super cute “Olive You” fingerprint craft last week. Seriously cute.)  and we’re now addicted!  There’s something about cute little kid fingers and toes covered in paint that makes a mama go, “Awwwww!” and want to keep it forever in the scrapbook.
Or if you’re like this mama, in the forever-growing-someday-will-be-scrapbooked-pile.
These sheep hand prints and fingerprint crafts are perfect for homemade cards for moms, grandmothers, Aunts (hint, hint!) and make would make Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, birthdays, or any old day extra sweet!
I love Ewe Sheep handprint craft for Valentines Day or Mothers Day...any homemade card, really!

Sheep Handprint and Thumbprint Art 

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We started by painting thumbs with white poster paint.  (Sidenote–I LOVE this paint for handprint art…and any kid art, really!  It is bright, thick, doesn’t flake when it dries, it’s washable, and cheap.  LOVE it!)

To make the I Love Ewe Sheep Thumbprint Art: 

Press white paint-coated thumbs on paper.  We did ours on bright blue card stock so it was ready for card making once the prints dried.  You could make these thumbprint crafts on any color paper and just cut out the prints afterwords and glue onto cards, wrapping paper, or pictures from kids.

Let the paint dry.  Once it’s dry, pull out a black Sharpie fine point marker and add details.  Put little legs, a cute sheep face, and puffy wool.
Cut them out and glue onto a card, or just keep them on the paper that they were printed on.
Will Ewe Be Mine? Valentine's Day Sheep finger print art. This is adorable for kid made cards!

Don’t stop there!  There’s more sheep handprint cuteness to be done!

To Make a Sheep Handprint Craft:

Use the same awesome white poster paint and paint cute little hands. 

Press flat and firmly on the paper surface.  Let the paint dry.
Use your Sharpie fine point marker again to add the details.  Done!
Sheep handprint and finger print art: Ewe + Me = Love
Add cute sheep sayings and start gifting these adorable sheep to everyone you know.  They will love you forever!
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