Only an Aunt Can Quote

Aunts have the best job there is.  Life with nieces and nephews is all about giving hugs, talks like a sister, and loving like a friend. 

So what does a fun Aunt do with the nieces and nephews for quality time and building memories?  Check out our HUGE resource of kids crafts, activities, cooking fun, and general awesome Aunthood ideas for Aunts to pull out of her sleeve when the best nieces and nephews on the planet are looking for some fun?

Aunt Quote

“Only an Aunt can give hugs like a mother, can keep secrets like a sister, and share love like a friend.”  ~Unknown  

(I searched for the origin of this quote but was unable to find a source.  If you know of the original author of this quote, please let me know!)

Only an Aunt quote

Fun ideas for Aunts to do with their nieces and nephews

Head on over to our AUNT Resource Page for awesome ideas for Aunts.

(But all of the moms, grandparents, Occupational Therapists, child care workers, and educators will find fun ideas too!)