The OT Toolbox: Auditory Processing Activities

Auditory processing activities are a tool for many auditory processing disorders or issues.  From poor listening skills to difficulty with language comprehension, or auditory sensory sensitivities, activities that challenge the sense of hearing can be helpful for many children.  Try these auditory processing activities to help kids of many different skill levels. 

Auditory processing activities for kids

Auditory Processing Activities

Activities that address several different areas are helpful for kids APD:
  • Auditory discrimination
  • Auditory sequencing
  • Auditory memory
  • Auditory figure-ground discrimination

Fall Leaf themed auditory processing activities for sensory needs in kids.Auditory processing dominoes made with bells are perfect for a color matching activity, and can be graded to meet the auditory needs of all ages.Auditory processing sensory ideas for backyard summer sensory play, perfect for sensory diet ideas for kids.Baby Sensory bottles using recycled spice jars

DIY rhythm sticks and activities for preschool aged kids

Be sure to stop back for more creative ways to challenge the auditory system.

Auditory processing activities for kids