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If you're an Occupational Therapist or a parent to a child receiving OT services, you'll love my OT activities.  If you're a parent or an educator (or really anyone working and playing with kids), you'll find fun and meaningful ideas all over this blog.  Wherever you are headed, have fun!  If you need any specific ideas, feel free to email me or reach out on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram  You'll find tons of inspiration over on my Pinterest boards, too.

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Sensory Processing Resources:

Clothing sensitivity red flags

Prewriting Handwriting  and developmental progression of lines        


Dinosaur Proprioception Activities   Read the instruction post HERE.

Bear Brain Breaks Read the instruction post HERE.

Farm Brain Breaks  Read the instruction post HERE

It's here! It's here!  I shared a Christmas OT Calendar that was such a HUGE hit, that I decided to make it a fun and therapeutic YEAR of OT activities with monthly OT calendars.  Use these in therapy or at home to turn therapy into play and seasonal activities into therapeutic goal progress. Note: These calendars are dated for 2016.  The activities can be used for any year.

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Visual Closure Worksheets


Read the full post and directions for using this visual closure worksheet HERE.

Read the full post and directions for using the visual closure worksheets HERE.

Additional Activities


Read the instruction post on using these Goodnight Moon game pieces HERE.

Read the instruction post HERE.

Read the instruction post on this movement game HERE.


Read the instruction post HERE.

Read the instruction post HERE.

Read the instruction post on this worksheet HERE.

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