Halloween Occupational Therapy Activities

It’s that time of year! Halloween is just around the corner and so in your therapy clinic or school-based OT sessions, or even OT teletherapy, you may be thinking up Halloween occupational therapy activities that work on specific functional goals. Here, you’ll find a collection of Halloween fine motor activities, pumpkin occupational therapy activities, Halloween … Read more

Activities to improve smooth visual pursuits

Activities to work on smooth pursuits and visual tracking in kids

For our kids who are challenged to visually observe their environment, or who struggle to demonstrate visual tracking in reading or other learning experiences, activities designed to promote smooth pursuits and eye movement can be helpful. The visual activities listed here can be helpful in addressing the smooth pursuits of visual input. Visual pursuits or … Read more

Sensory Diet Vestibular Activities

The vestibular system is a powerful one! It can be a confusing one when we consider how it impacts our body’s ability to regulate. The vestibular system is one of the three systems that impact all of the others and therefore all learning, cognition, and occupational performance. the vestibular system develops early in life and plays … Read more

Meltdown Mode Tricks and Tips

When kids are in a meltdown and the behaviors are going full force, try some of these techniques to help kids calm down and move out of a harmful or ineffective status.  Meltdowns are oftentimes a result of sensory systems that aren’t quite right, causing an overload of sensations.  When the body is so overwhelmed … Read more

Fall Visual Processing Sensory Activities

Use fall activities to work on visual processing needs with fall visual processing sensory activities.

Visual Processing can result in overactive sensitivity to sights or an under-responsiveness to all that the eye sees.  During Fall, there are many more colors and visual sights that can be a sense of interest to children with sensory processing disorders.  A simple walk in the yard is much different during the Fall months when … Read more

Pumpkin Sensory Activities

Pumpkin sensory activities

During the Fall months, pumpkin-everything is all we see, hear about, and smell…so why not incorporate pumpkin sensory activities into therapy planning and play-based learning? These sensory-based pumpkin activities support development of motor skills and incorporate sensory processing in various ways, but there’s more to it: Using pumpkin sensory play is a fun way to … Read more