Heart Deep Breathing Exercise

heart deep breathing exercise printable

This quick deep breathing exercise has a heart theme, and it’s a fun mindfulness exercise for kids. You may have seen our other deep breathing exercises here on the site. These are all themed activities that encourage deep, mindful breathing as a coping strategy, and they are based on themes that kids can recognize and … Read more

Pencil theme deep breathing

pencil theme deep breathing exercise

Today, I’m continuing with our pencil theme with another deep breathing exercise. This pencil themed breathing activity is a fun way to incorporate mindfulness or self-regulation strategies into a therapy theme. In occupational therapy interventions, OTs often times work with kids on the occupation of handwriting. It’s a necessary “job” of students and an important … Read more

Snowman Deep Breathing Exercise

Snowman deep breathing exercise

Today, I have another fun deep breathing exercise to share with you! This time of year, it’s all about the snowmen. Now, you can use a snowman theme in a sensory coping strategy with deep breathing exercises with a snowman deep breathing exercise. It’s a free mindfulness printable that you can print and use all … Read more

Penguin Deep Breathing Exercise

deep breathing exercise with a penguin theme

This penguin deep breathing exercise is another coping tool that kids can use as a self-regulation strategy. It follows several others in our series of image-based deep breathing exercises. These were originally created here on The OT Toolbox and you’ll be seeing many more breathing exercise tools coming your way! I think you’ll love the … Read more

Clover Deep Breathing Coloring Page

Ahhh…taking a deep breath with mindful breathing is such an easy way to add coping skills to a child’s repertoire of sensory diet activities. Deep breathing as part of mindfulness adds a moment of whole-body relief. With all that is going on in the world with the impact of COVID-19, children and families can feel … Read more

Breathing Star


This breathing star coloring page is perfect for Christmas Mindfulness and winter mindfulness activities…but today, we’ve got star breathing tool for you. Discussing mindfulness for kids is a powerful strategy in addressing so many needs. Kids with sensory processing needs or self-regulation needs, or even emotional regulation needs may benefit from this holiday awareness activity. … Read more

Relaxation Breathing: a Powerful Tool

3 powerful relaxation breathing strategies

If you’ve been a reader of The OT Toolbox website for long, you’ve probably seen our many deep breathing exercises. But have you ever wondered about HOW relaxation breathing works physically? How does the body calm as a result of mindful breathing strategies? Let’s explore the science of what’s going on with this breathing tool…and … Read more