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Great! Thanks for grabbing the packet of Visual Perception Worksheets.    Check your email inbox to access your file. Don’t see it? Don’t fret! Check your spam folder or “other” file such as “promotions” in Gmail. Some users (especially those using an email system hosted by a school system, clinic, health system, etc.) may have … Read more

Strategies to Address Visual Perception Needs and Handwriting

When visual perceptual skills interfere with handwriting, students can be limited in copying skills, placing letters and words on lines, and in given spaces on worksheets. There are other red flags related to visual processing and handwriting. These challenges really impact legibility, letter reversals, letter size, and overall neatness of handwriting. While parents and teachers … Read more

Visual Perception Apple Activity

During the fall months, apple activities are a fun way to sneak in skills like visual perception development or fine motor strengthening.  This visual perception apple activity promotes both of those areas in a fun and creative way.  We used recycled pouch bottle caps to make DIY stamps that fit in with an apple theme.  … Read more

Free Visual Perception Worksheet Monkey Theme

Visual perceptual skills are needed for so many functional tasks!  Writing on lines, copying written work, reading without skipping words, walking in a crowded hallway, organizing materials, pouring water into a cup without spilling, searching for a paperclip in a junk drawer…everything done throughout the day requires the ability to visually process information.  For the … Read more

Free Visual Perception Worksheet- FLowers Theme

This flower theme free visual perception worksheet is one of many free visual perception worksheets here on The OT Toolbox.  Kids need to work on visual perceptual skills for many reasons. Skills like handwriting and scissor use are oftentimes, a result of difficulties with visual perceptual skills. This visual perception worksheet can be part of … Read more

Wacky Wednesday Visual Perception Activity

Sometimes you have a book that is just so loved.  We have a few VERY loved books in our house and one of those books with the dog-eared corners is Dr. Seuss’ Wacky Wednesday.  We used the book in a visual perceptual activity and worked on the skills needed for handwriting.  Visual perception is made … Read more

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  Read about the Visual Perception, Tangrams, & Handwriting Workbook For now, stop by and see our Visual Perceptual Skills Gift Guides: Toys and Tools to Improve Visual Tracking Skills Toys and Tools to Improve Visual Spatial Skills Toys and Tools to Improve Motor Planning