Wacky Wednesday Visual Perception Activity

Sometimes you have a book that is just so loved.  We have a few VERY loved books in our house and one of those books with the dog-eared corners is Dr. Seuss’ Wacky Wednesday.  We used the book in a visual perceptual activity and worked on the skills needed for handwriting.  Visual perception is made … Read more

Tangrams and Visual Perception in Handwriting

I kind of love to share tricks for improving handwriting.  There are so many “parts” to written work. There’s fine motor dexterity, pencil grasp, strength, endurance, visual perceptual skills, cognitive skills among other parts to handwriting.  You can see more about these topics on our Handwriting page.  One big way to develop the skills needed … Read more

Winter Clothes Worksheet for Visual Perception

During the cold winter months, bundling up in mittens, scarves and other winter clothing is a must, which makes today’s winter clothes worksheet a fun way to work on various skills with children in the theme of winter! We’ve covered quite a few different winter occupational therapy activities here on the site, and this winter … Read more

Dinosaur Free Printable For Visual Perception

dinosaur free printable

If you know a kiddo that loves all things dinosaurs, than this dinosaur free printable is for you! It’s a visual perception activity designed to develop and support visual perceptual skills such as visual discrimination, form constancy, visual closure, and other visual processing skills (visual tracking for one!) To grab this free printable dinosaur activity, … Read more

Free Therapy Slide Deck- Animal Visual Perception

This free slide deck is an animal visual perception activity

It’s here! If you’ve been enjoying the free slide decks that I’ve been sharing here on the website, then you are in luck. Today, I’ve got another free therapy slide deck. This one is all about visual perceptual skills…the Animal Visual Perception therapy activities are here! Scroll to the bottom of this post, enter your … Read more

What is Visual Attention?

Visual attention

Visual attention is a hot topic when it comes to learning! There’s more than meets the eye when it comes to being visually attentive, however. Attention to visual information is an area of visual processing that is more than just focusing on a task or leaning activity. Attention and awareness of visual information is a … Read more

Visual Closure

Visual Closure

It’s possible that you’ve heard the term visual closure before as this is a common visual skill that impacts learning, reading, and math skills. But did you know that visual processing skills also impact fine motor skills. Occupational  therapists assess and treat visual skills as one of the underlying contributors to functional deficits. Visual closure is just one of those visual perceptual skills that … Read more