Fall Leaves Printable tic Tac Toe Game

Fall leaves printable tic tac toe activity for occupational therapy home programs

Getting this fall leaves bucket list has been on my to-do list for a few weeks now. Here in western Pennsylvania, fall leaves are just about at their peak colors. They are just starting to fall, and that means there are lots of colorful, crunchy leaves to explore and play in! As occupational therapists, we … Read more


Vision So, what exactly are visual motor skills? Visual processing makes up several areas that combine what we see with what we do. It encompasses allow us to take in visual information, process it, and use it to complete motor actions. Most of the time, this collection of information and interpretation happens without us even … Read more


Sensory So, what exactly is sensory? Remember learning about the senses in school? Did you know we actually have 8 sensory systems? There is so much to understand about sensory processing, and how kids can respond to sensory input in each of these sensory areas. Explore these blog posts for information on sensory-friendly classrooms, sensory … Read more

Sensory Backpack

What is a sensory backpack

Today, we are starting off our Christmas in July celebration with a giveaway on a Sensory Backpack! Sensory backpacks are a powerful calming tool for children of many needs. There are weighted backpacks, compression packs, and book bag fidget tools out there. Here, you’ll find out some information on these sensory resources AND, can enter … Read more

Coping Strategies for Kids

Coping strategies for kids

Whether it’s the classroom, home, or day to day life…coping strategies for kids are needed. Coping strategies are mechanisms or tools to adjust and respond to emotions, stressors, and unbalance so that one can function and complete daily occupations, or everyday tasks. Coping tools help to balance and regulate a person. Coping strategies can look … Read more

Roll and Write Play Dough Mat Bundle

Looking to help kids develop fine motor skills, and stronger hands so they can write and hold a pencil?

You will love this special deal!

Designed to help kids warm-up their hands before a handwriting activity, AND making handwriting more fun, these seven themed play dough mats to work on letter formation, words, or sentences.

Use play dough to build hand strength and pencil grasp, then practice writing on the modified paper lines to work on handwriting legibility, line use, spacing, and letter placement.

Perfect for fine motor skill development and creative, fun writing prompts.

Let’s make handwriting practice purposeful, creative, and part of play.

Space Activities for Kids

Space camp ideas for home programs or DIY summer camp with space fine motor, galaxy crafts, and space sensory play

If your kids are outer space enthusiasts, then this space theme activities are just the thing to add learning and skill building with space activities. This collection of space activities for kids are actually part of a DIY summer camp that we designed. When the kids need a backyard summer camp or something fun to … Read more