Weighted Vests and Compression Garments

research vs clinical experience on weighted blankets and compression garments.

Weighted vests, weighted clothing, and compression garments are used to offer proprioceptive input to elicit a calm and focused response. They tend to be used as a sensory intervention for children with diagnoses like sensory processing disorder, autism (ASD) and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), with the purpose of calming the body for functional activities. … Read more

School Bus Deep Breathing Exercise- A Stress Relaxation Tool

School bus deep breathing exercise for stress relaxation on the bus

Whether you are needing a bus stop activity to keep the kids calm and collected near a busy street or a sensory diet activity for the rides to school on the bus, this   school bus deep breathing exercise fits the bill. The school bus setting is unpredictable for sensory kids and this breathing activity … Read more

Sensory Processing Disorder Chart

sensory processing disorder chart

Did you know that sensory processing disorder can be broken down into several aspects of “sensory” based on considerations that you see in sensory challenges? Here, you’ll find a sensory chart covering these sensory processing attributes to better explain the vastness of SPD. You’ll also want to check out our resource containing a sensory processing … Read more

Types of self control

Types of self control

Did you know there are several types of self-control that impact the way we act, behave, speak, and move? These types of control impact how we learn, communicate with others, and function in our daily tasks. There is more to self control than controlling impulses and self-regulation. Understanding these various differences can make a difference … Read more


In this blog, you will learn how the environment, and the feelings of those around us, directly affects behavior. You will learn simple ways to support children in calming down, while in our care, through co-regulation. This important skill is part of our emotional intelligence and one that takes fostering and nurturing. Let’s go over what … Read more

DIY Fidget Toys

Diy fidget toys

These DIY fidget toys are homemade fidgets that kids can make. Use these fidget items to help kids pay attention and focus in the classroom or home. Add these ideas to your occupational therapy toys that support kids through play while targeting self-regulation skills. DIY Fidget Toys Fidget toys are in the hands of many … Read more

Hula Hoop Activities

hula hoop activities

A hula hoop is a great old-school toy and specific hula hoop activities can be used to not only build strength, coordination, balance, and motor planning, but can be used in other areas such as learning, sensory, and visual motor, as well as gross motor coordination. Hula hoops are versatile and inexpensive, while being colorful … Read more