Playdoh Farm: small world play

 Little Guy loved playing with this little play dough set up.  We pulled out our farm animals and a few colors of play dough, and played farm!
Little Guy said we needed to get a couple of his cars too.  Because the animals needed to go places on his farm 🙂
We explored footprints and tire impressions in the play dough.
The pigs had the mud to themselves…
…and all of the birds stayed in the “lake”.
 And then all of the animals got hot and had to take a dip in the lake 🙂
This was a fun way to spend a little time playing with my Little Guy and exploring that imagination of his.  He is such a sweet little dude with big ideas and loves having FUN.
We thought it was pretty funny to make animal impressions.  We played a little guessing game where one of us would cover our eyes and the other would make an imprint in the play dough.  Then the other person would guess what animal made the shape.  We did this for a long time…doing each animal.
And then back to the farm we went.  And the animals took a few joy rides on their cars and trucks!

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  1. I just LOVE this! Aarya is so NOT into playdough and I totally feel sad. I am going to try this and see where it takes us.

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