Press Here book sensory play activity

We’re back with another activity in the Preschool Book Club.  I don’t know about you, but we are LOVING each and every book in this series.  It has been so much fun coming up with play and learning ideas for HaroldElmerPete, and more.  This week, we’re reading and playing with the book, “Press Here” by Herve Tullet.

Sensory play activity for the book, Press Here. From Sugar Aunts

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Press Here is a new book to us.  And what a fun book it is!  The bright and bold pictures, the movement and direction following, and the fun instructions made this book a huge hit in our house.  Little Guy (age 5) is STILL talking about this book.  He loved following the directions to shake, pull, push, and move the dots and even the whole book.  We decided to put the movement into our play activity with a sensory based interpretation of this fun book.

I started with rainbow cardstock and a circle hole punch.  I punched a bunch of holes from all of the colors.  Little Guy (age 5) LOVED helping me with the hold punching.  Fun stuff!
How pretty are these colorful dots??
Add shaving cream to a container, and sprinkle in the colored dots.  Sensory play is ready for little fingers!

We pushed, pulled, and poked the dots just like in the book.  Be sure to talk about the colors while playing.  This is a great sensory bin to work on color identification.  Sensory play and learning go hand in hand, and this is a great way to learn and play.

Check out the other Preschool Book Club bloggers for more Press Here ideas.  And be sure to watch for our next book club activity. You won’t want to miss it!

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