Rainy Summer Day: Letter Ice Muffins



 We had a rainy forecast today…80 percent chance of rain.  I pulled out our bin of magnetic letters one morning and prepared a little play activity for later in the day.

I was thinking that pulling the paper off of the ice would be fun and great for fine motor play.


For some of the water, I used a few drops of food coloring.
 Pour the water right into the cupcake liners.  These are dollar store brand and really thing, but also a little bit waxy.  I think that helped with holding the water in the liners.

It looked pretty neat and colorful!
Pop these tines into the freezer and let the ice harden.


Spend some rainy puddle jumping time outside.
(they got completely SOAKED! And loved it!!)


A while later (and after changes of clothes and everyone was dry and warmed up…)
we played with our Ice Letter Muffins!
Some of the ice muffins popped right out of the liners, but others were stuck.  Flip the tin over in the sink and run a little water over the bottom and they should come right out.


Fine Motor with Ice!

Peeling the paper off of the side was fun and so good for fine motor dexterity.  They needed a little tip-to-tip grasp to grab the paper with a sensory aspect of the cool ice…
These buggers melted fast, though!
They melted so fast, that we put them into a bin of un-dyed water and almost immediately, the water was red! 
Baby Girl had fun plopping the paper liners into the water 🙂


And crunching the ice!
I think next time, I would skip the cupcake liners and the food coloring.  And we did! We put another tray of letter muffins right into the freezer to play again!
We are adding this post to our Rainy Summer Days round-up.  Do you have a summer play activity perfect for those rainy days when you can’t play outside?  Link up your activities and they may be featured on this week’s Share It Saturday! See you there!


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