Recycled Magazine Roses

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We made these fun roses this week.
Colorful magazine page torn in half
Tear the magazine page in half lengthwise.  Tearing paper is a great hand strengthening exercise.  Holding the paper with both hands encourages bilateral coordination and whole arm movements, and a tripod grasp to pinch the paper while tearing.
Glue along one edge of the paper.
Roll up into a rose-ish shape.
Pinch and twist the base of the flower into a point and push it into the straw.  Pushing the flower into the straw encourages a tripod grasp and use of the non-dominant hand to hold the straw in a coordinated manner.
We taped around the straw to keep the flower in place, and put into a glass of water. Fun and pretty!
Little Guy had to (obviously) blow the straw flower…
…and bang the flowers like a drum 🙂
Big Sister said we needed to put water in the glass. And sand.
Of course.

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