Self-Reflection Activities

self reflection activities

In this blog post, we are addressing self-reflection activities as a tool to support self-understanding, self-awareness, and personal insight. In young children, this is a challenge that progresses as development occurs. But for some, the personal perspective becomes an area of frustration when empathy, executive functioning, and the ability to self-evaluate is a challenge. Challenges in the ability to self-reflect impact functional performance, social emotional skills, … Read more

Laundry Skills

Laundry Life skills

Today, we have a great life skills activity: specifically, laundry skills! In this blog post, we are discussing the life skill of laundry. Washing and drying clothes is an independent living task that anyone who manages their activities of daily living and instrumental activities of daily living must learn. Getting dressed each day requires clean … Read more

Penguin I Spy PDF

Penguin I Spy PDF

Today, you’ll find a free printable Penguin I Spy PDF worksheet that you can print off and use for targeting several areas of development. We love using I Spy activities with real toys or with printable worksheets because of the many ways to address visual discrimination, eye-hand coordination, visual figure ground, visual attention, coloring, number … Read more

Tall and Short Worksheet

tall and short worksheet

Today, I have a great tall and short worksheet…or maybe you would call it a sorting by size worksheet. This activity is a cut and paste worksheet that users can color, cut, and sort by size to address a variety of skills all while incorporating spatial concepts of tall and short. We’ll cover those areas … Read more

Digital Content Creation Program: Sell Your Digital Products on The OT Toolbox

Digital content creation program on The OT Toolbox

If you have ever thought about using your knowledge and experience in digital content creation, then you are in the right place. While most of the blog posts on this site relate to all things pediatric occupational therapy, this one is a bit different. It’s likely that at one point or another, you’ve accessed one … Read more

Best Hibernation Activities

Hibernation activities

Brrr…when the weather gets cold and the winds are gusting, hibernation activities are fun ways to help kids develop specific skills with the theme of winter. Hibernation on the sofa is my place to go, but that doesn’t mean that adding a creative ways to learn about winter and how animals survive the cold can’t be included into therapy … Read more