Spring Chick Juice Box Cover Craft

Have a Spring play date planned?  How about an Easter egg hunt, preschool party, or hosting Easter this Spring?  These Spring Chick juice box covers would make the cutest addition at the kids’ table, right??
We made turkey juice box covers back in the Fall so these chick juice box covers came to mind with thoughts of Spring.  These cute little chicks will be the hit of your party…or just a fun craft for the kids to make and use again and again all season.

Kids can make their own juice box cover, perfect for Easter parties!


Make your own juice box cover:

It’s a fun craft for the kids and super cute!
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We started with a section of a paper towel roll.  Just cut the inner cardboard tube to fit the length of a juice box.  Then, slice right down the long end so you are able to wrap the cardboard tube around a juice box.
You can use a  pack of yellow feathers, or do like we did and cut up a new feather duster.  I had picked up a few new feather dusters at a yard sale last summer super cheap (5 cents a piece for awesome yellow feathers= yard sale score!). 
NOTE: if you cut a feather duster apart, do it outside!  Otherwise you will have zillions of little yellow fuzzies floating around your house for months.  Ask me how I know this 😉
Take a bottle of glue
and cover the cardboard tube.  Adding the feathers to the glue is fun for the kids…just stick them all over the tube.  Snip a small triangle of
orange felt
for the beak
and glue that on too.
We got an awesome pack of wiggly eyes from our friends at www.craftprojectideas.com.  A few of the smallest eyes in the pack and our Chick is coming to life!
Create a peep juice box cover with feathers and a recycled paper tube.
These guys are easy to make and super cute!  We pulled our chick juice box cover off of the juice box after snack time and have been re-using it for a few weeks now…even around smaller cups.  (It doesn’t fit as well, but still looks very Spring-like!)
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