Snow Patterns

Learning Shapes and Patterns in the Snow!


We have a shape sorter toddler toy that was perfect for making some shapes in the snow. 
Working on patterns…

Push the shapes all the way down and you get some “snow brownies” 🙂

 They are good enough to eat!
This would be fun with cookie cutters too…You could do any theme, colors, shapes, patterns, sorting…Maybe we’ll do those next time we get some snow on the ground!


Outdoor Invitation to Play…Snow Restaurant!

Just a few days ago, we had tons of snow in our yard…Today, it’s 60 degrees and all that’s left of our snowman is a pile of sticks, stones, and a carrot!  The kids and I headed outside to play in the warm weather a few days ago as the warm spell was beginning to melt away the snow.  I wanted to get the kids outside to enjoy the last of the snow before it was gone (for now…)
This is the invitation to play I set up…I pulled out our little kitchen set…with no battery operated parts or stickers on it to worry about getting wet.
I brought out a couple of spoons, ladles, and the ice cream scoop from my kitchen, and added a few plastic containers from the recycle bin. 
Perfect outdoor restaurant!
Big Sister had so much fun with this!  She got busy being the “chef”.

Order’s Up!


Easy Potpourri **25 Days of Christmas Play**

Day 21 of 25 Days of Christmas Play
We had a break from the rain and clouds this afternoon and went outside for a little while, along with scissors and a bowl.  We went on a hunt around the yard for Christmas-y smelling branches to add to an easy potpourri.  

The big kids of course, had no idea what potpourri means…but when we started smelling the pine needles and adding them and pine cones to a bowl, they got the picture a little bit. 
Plus, it was just really fun to snip the bushes 🙂



Baby Girl just had fun throwing pine cones into the bowl.  
She looooooves to do what the big kids do, so carrying the bowl around the yard was pretty special too 🙂


We took a little break for some balance beam work in the woods…


Then we went inside to add some orange peels to our potpourri (and have an orange snack…)


I have to say that this smells pretty amazing and definitely Christmas-y!  I am going to add a couple of cinnamon sticks and throw it in the mini-crock with some water tomorrow.  Check our Facebook page for an update on the scent in the house 😉 


Enjoy today!

UPDATE: I put this potpourri (along with a few cinnamon sticks) in a pan of water on the stove.  I let it simmer over low heat for a few hours and the house smelled AMAZING!  You could even smell the scent from outside our front door.  So Christmas-y! This would totally work in a small crock pot with water. Try this! You won’t be disappointed!



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DIY No Sew Tutu

Every little girl I know loves to play dress-up princess…I was taking a trip down memory lane and came across these pictures of my daughter at her second birthday party.  This was a princess tutu I put together…it is so simple…and I still have it in her dress-up bin for play.
I went on youtube to find out how to make a no sew tutu.  Then, I added a few embellishments…glued on rhinestones, little flowers, a big pink birthday bow, and whola!  I had a princess! 


   I found the shirt (with matching little shorts!) at Marshalls for $9 (they sell the same brand at Nordstrom’s for $50).  I ironed-on a princess crown that I found at Walmart.  I made a bow out of the same ribbon and glued it to an alligator hair clip.

Dollar store accessories!

Isn’t this how all Princess’ eat cake?!?!

If I can do it, anyone can!

A Day at the Farm

A Day at the Farm
Fall is here!  I love this time of year…the leaves changing color…the cool breeze…the smell of pumpkin latte 🙂
We went to the local pumpkin farm last weekend and had so much fun I had to share some pictures.  My little guy is looking so big!  He is so funny making animal sounds at every animal.  I think his favorite sound is “moo” at the moment.

Warning…this is a picture overload!

 Jacob was a little excited (as if you couldn’t tell, lol)

 He thought this goat was HILARIOUS!
 So did Gwen. My kids love kids, what can I say!
 This little donkey didn’t move the whole time..Jacob was very interested.
I got my husband to take all of one photo.  He is not into taking pictures, I gotta work on getting him used to using my new camera. 
Me and my little man.

When did he get so big? I love it when babies stand on their tip toes. 

The following week we checked out another pumpkin patch (can’t get enough!!!).  Check out this “corn box”.  The kids loved this…a huge box of dried corn with cups, shovels, rakes, and pails.  This was a hit. 

Such concentration!  He was pushing the corn all around, shoveling, pouring, just having a blast. 

Thanks for letting me share!  Happy pumpkin picking!

Nature Adventure

My kids wanted to go for a Nature Hike one beautiful, sunny, fall day.  I pulled out some squares of contact paper and we went around the yard, gathering leaves, acorn tops, flowers, grasses, pine needles…all kinds of fun, fall things. 

Big Sister is learning about the senses in her Pre-K Science class.  We talked about the 5 senses a little bit, but mostly just enjoyed the warm sun and crunchy leaves.

Big Sister came up with the idea to use this as their “map”.  I thought this was a pretty cool idea, and it coming all from her is so exciting.  I love the imagination at this age!
Big Sister and Little Guy are really into Jake and the Neverland Pirates right now.  Everything is a pirate adventure with pixie dust and gold doubloons!
We went off on our adventure around the yard to visit Acorn Island, Leaf Land, Flower Isle, and Pine Needle Island.

Such a fun day!  

Growing Memories

The Dirt will wash away, but the Memories will last!
We spend a TON of time outside.  Lately, we’ve been playing a lot in our “mud pit” as Little Guy calls this part of our yard. We pull out the shovels, construction vehicles, and add in all kinds of extra things. 
It is so fun to see them explore and learn through sensory play. Kids learn not only about their senses, but learn about their world, all through sensory exploration. Getting messy adds great tactile integration.
We started with a little section of the yard with hard dirt and rocks and added some left over potting soil from planting earlier this year. The big kids took turns scooping dirt and adding acorns.

 Nothing says “summer” like bare toes in the dirt…
…School may be back in session, but we are still enjoying summer while this warm weather lasts 🙂

A little pattern learning with rocks and acorns…
My poor parsley plant needs a little love! It didn’t work out indoors, so it can’t hurt to try outside. We watered it and got some great mud to scoop…more sensory processing!

Playing on hands and knees with an extended wrist and tripod grasp to move those little rocks and trucks. All are important precursors to handwriting.
Little Guy said “Mom, this is my favorite thing ever to do”! How cool is it to hear that from such a simple play activity?!!?
An 11 month old can explore seashells. As always, keep close supervision to be sure none go in the mouth. Baby Girl played for a looong time with the seashells!

 We finished with some sorting play with the big kids. Baby Girl loves putting things into containers and taking them back out. This is such a great tool for language learning! 

Sorting, Patterns, Exploring, Language, Fine Motor work, Pre-Handwriting, Planting, Sensory Exploration…so many cool accomplishments today!
Go outside and play in the dirt!