Sight Word Manipulatives

Sight Word manipulatives
We’ve been playing a lot with our sight word cards. Did you see our Sight Word Scavenger Hunt post?
One day we had the play dough out and we did a little playful learning with sight words.
 Big Sister worked those fine motor skills to pinch and pull little bits of play dough from a big lump.  She rolled little balls of dough…all great activities for strengthening the small muscles of the hands.
Sigh Word Manipulatives
After she had little balls of play dough formed, we pinched the sight word cards and stuck them into the dough.
Big Sister loved this!  She would read the cards as we moved them around and she loved making crazy sentences.  It got a little silly 🙂
This was such a fun way to practice our sight words.  

Play Dough Cupcakes

We play with play dough so much around here.  This was one fun activity that we have enjoyed over and over again.  
We had a plastic cupcake holder from a recent bakery trip.  After the cupcakes were gone, (and it didn’t take long…)  we used the container to bake up some Play Dough cupcakes.  
Pinching play dough, rolling little play dough cherries and icing rolls, pressing the dough into the cupcake sections…there is some great Fine Motor Play going on here! 
Your cupcakes are served! 
Need more Play Dough play activities?