Teaching Kids to Give to the Less Fortunate

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We’re so blessed to have food on our table, a garden growing with tons of fresh veggies, and half a dozen grocery stores within a few miles of our house.  So many children and families are not so fortunate and are hungry at any given moment.  How can we educate our kids on the needs of others and encourage them to give to the less fortunate in ways that they can understand?  Giving to others does not have to be a huge burden or a difficult task.  Kids can help in little ways to make a big difference!

Teaching kids to give to the less-frtunate.  Simple ideas for kids to help in a big way.

Disclosure: We participated in this program through Champions for Kids and The Motherhood.  All opinions are our own.

We’re honored to team up with Walmart and Champions for Kids and their sponsors to feed hungry kids through the Summer of Giving Program. 
Champions for Kids makes it simple to give children in local communities the
resources they need to thrive.  They are seeking to make a difference by encouraging a ‘habit of giving’ among youth and parents in America for those in need. 
The core values of Champions for Kids are simple, yet profound, and drive their efforts to “mobilize millions” to help children — All children should have: Someone who cares; a Place to belong; Hope for tomorrow and provisions for their journey. All children.

Did you know that 10 percent of children in the US live in homes where they don’t know when their next meal is coming?  This is especially difficult during the summer months when school meal programs are not providing lunches/breakfasts.  This is a great need that the whole family can get involved in helping to give!

How can you help? 
The Champions for Kids SIMPLE Service Projects can help you provide for the needy in your community.  It’s simple! 1.) Gather your family and friends. 2.) Learn about the needs of children in your community. 3.) Give items to help the needy. 4.) Share your story with Champions for Kids so you can inspire others!


and Champions for Kids are teaming up with sponsors Tyson, Birds Eye, and State Fair brands to feed hungry children this summer. And
you can help them and their sponsors provide 5 million meals through the Summer
of Giving
program! All you have to do is shop the Walmart Super Center freezer section and
support the sponsor brands, Tyson, Birds Eye and State Fair. When you do,
you’ll be helping to feed hungry kids in your local community.  Not only that, but when you submit your SIMPLE act of kindness in the Summer of Giving program, you could possibly win one of three $25,000 awards for your local school district.  Just complete a SIMPLE Service Project with your family and friends and submit your information here: http://cfkhelpkidsthrive.org


We set out to Walmart with a buggy full of kids (and two were missing out on the shopping fun as they went to vacation bible school).  We’ve been talking about giving to the needy in our community through collections of food that happens once a month at our church.  Our library also collects food for the less-fortunate in our community with a big box right in the lobby.  Every time we enter the library, we see the box of donations and talk a little about kids and families who may not have enough food.  We love to bring a canned good in with our books and drop it into the box.  It’s such an easy way to introduce giving to those in need with the kids.

Simple ideas for encouraging kids to give to the less-fortunate

  • Host a “Giving Play Date”:  Invite a few friends over for a summer fun play date.  Ask the invitees to bring a non-perishable food item to be donated to a food panty.  This is a great way to kick off the summer while thinking of others who may be hungry this summer.
  • Organize a neighborhood yard sale.  Donate proceeds to a local food pantry.  Hang signs to alert the customers of the good deeds of your kids.  This is a sure way to get rid of more junk!
  • Help the kids set up a lemonade stand in the lawn.  Make a sign along with the kids stating that all proceeds will benefit a local food pantry.  Cute kids + donating to those in need will bring in the funds from neighbors!
  • Start a donation box in your church or library.  Kids see those boxes and will love to watch the piles of food grow as the community works together to support the less-fortunate. 

UPDATE: We hosted a food drive play date in the park with friends.  I brought snacks, including Tyson chicken poppers, popcorn, graham cracker bunnies, juice boxes, and popsicles.  A few plates and napkins and we were set on the munchies.  I invited friends to bring non-perishable goods and back to school items.  We donated these items to a local food bank and the frozen Tyson, State Fair, and Birds Eye items to a local church who operates a fellowship and activity service for kids.  The children receive dinner, activities, crafts, and worship.  The Tyson chicken fingers and school supplies will really come in handy!

Can you think of any easy ways for the kids to become more involved in giving to the less-fortunate?  Let’s encourage a “habit of giving” and foster change among kids to give to those in need!