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For just $5, grab this PRINT-AND-GO, no-prep activity kit to help kids build essential fine motor skills.

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More than ever, kids need the tools to help them build essential fine motor skills so they develop strong and dexterous hands so they can learn, hold & write with a pencil, and play.

This 25 page no-prep packet includes everything you need to guide fine motor skills.


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Get the Fine Motor Kit for $5

Done-for-you fine motor plans to help kids form stronger hands.

Use fun, themed, fine motor activities so you can help children develop strong fine motor skills in a digital world.

This is a 25 page digital file, and bonus 3 page kit= 28 printable pages of fine motor fun!

I Need This Fine Motor Kit!

What you’ll get with this fine motor kit:

Themed NO-PREP printable pages include tasks to address skills and areas such as:

  • Endurance Activities
  • Dexterity Activities
  • Graded Precision Activities
  • Pinch and Grip Strength Activities
  • Arch Development Activities
  • Finger Isolation Activities
  • Separation of the Sides of the Hand Activities
  • Open Thumb Web-Space Activities
  • Wrist Extension
  • Bilateral Coordination Activities
  • Eye-Hand Coordination Activities
  • Crossing Midline Activities

Fun and engaging activities designed to develop fine motor skills:

  • Pencil Control
  • Coloring
  • Functional Pencil Grasp
  • Scissor Skills
  • Manipulating Small Objects
  • Handwriting
  • Tool Use: hole punch, stapler, push pins, toothpicks, stapler, string, etc.

Each activity page includes reproducible activities based on Valentine's Day and heart themes. Use this kit all month long for Heart Month!

The Heart Themed Fine Motor Kit Includes:

Roll and Write Play Dough Mats

Includes: 2 “roll and write” heart themed play dough mats, designed to promote hand strength and precision. Kids can roll a small ball of playdough with the tips of their fingers to fit various sized targets. After warming up the hands, children can write on the bold lined paper. 

TARGET SKILLS: Pinch and grip strength, dexterity, arch development, eye-hand coordination, open thumb web-space, proprioceptive input, handwriting.

Crumble Art Craft Pages

 Includes: 3 heart themed crumble art pages to strengthen the hands through pinching and crumbling bits of paper or tissue paper. Encourages arch development, separation of the sides of the hand. 

TARGET SKILLS: Precision, pinch and grip hand strength, tripod grasp, arch development, bilateral coordination, open thumb web-space.

A-Z Hole Punch Cards

Includes: Heart themed hole punch strips. Students can match upper case letters with their lowercase counterparts by scanning along the hole punch strip. Create into a tactile booklet or use for handwriting practice.  

TARGET SKILLS: Hand strength, bilateral coordination, visual scanning, upper/lowercase letter identification, visual discrimination.

Write the Room Activities

Includes: 5 lowercase copy cards, 5 uppercase copy cards, 5 lowercase tracing cards, 5 uppercase copy cards. 

TARGET SKILLS: Letter formation, pencil control, visual motor skills, visual attention, visual memory, line placement, functional handwriting at all levels and stages.

Color and Cut Sensory Bin Materials

Includes: 2 pages of color and cut cards. Use them in sensory bins, obstacle courses, visual scanning tasks, visual memory, “What’s missing” games. 

TARGET SKILLS: Scissor skills, pencil control, visual memory, coloring skills, letter and number formation, finger isolation, crossing midline, sensory challenges.

Pencil Control Fine Motor Strips

Includes: 7 pencil control strip pages and 5 cursive lines pencil control strips with graded precision designed for data collection and accuracy. Use for pencil control and fine motor dexterity, object manipulation. 

TARGET SKILLS: Pencil control, spatial relations, dexterity, graded precision, eye-hand coordination, separation of the sides of the hand.

BONUS Fine Motor Clip Cards!

1-10 Fine Motor Clip Cards: Use to work on precision, dexterity, eye-hand coordination, strength, arch development, in-hand manipulation, tripod grasp. Count the hearts and clip on paper clips or punch with hole puncher.

Extend the activity: Can also use a thumbtack or toothpick to push holes into the cards to match the number. Works on refined precision and dexterity.

Don’t wait, get this packet of NO-PREP activity pages and home program activities to build motor skills!

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