Weekend Kit for the Sports Team Family

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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Brita Universal Jug Cooler Filtration System for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.

Things have been a bit hectic in our house recently. When you have four aged 8 and under, every day has it’s moments of hecticness. But with the warmer weather we’ve been having, we, we are outside a lot more. School routines are going strong with the addition of spring field trips and planning for the end of the school year.  
There is one thing that is new to our routine.  And is keeping us on our dirty, busy toes.  
Three kids are playing ball.  
We have a softball player, a baseball player, and a T-ball player. They love it and Mom and Dad love watching them love it.  But with all of that ball-playing, we’re spending a TON of time at the ball fields.  We are prepared to spend weekends for the next couple of months running from game to game and dusty field to dusty field.

Weekend Kit for the Sports Team Family
As a mom of four, I try to be prepared.  I mean, you have to be. One of the four always needs something, all of the time.  It usually happens like this: The four-year-old spills an entire drink all over her clothes, minutes before two others are suddenly SO. THIRSTY. It just helps to have that extra change of clothes and another drink ready to go.  So, when I was invited to try out the Brita Universal Jug Filter, I jumped at the chance.  With all of those weekends at the ball fields, we need a system to keep us sane (and a way to keep kids from dumping their last drops of water all over themselves!)
Weekend Kit for the Sports Team Family with a Brita Jug Filter system for filtered water
The Brita Jug Filter system fits into your favorite jug coolers and filters out the chlorine taste and odor from typical tap water. I was excited to fill a big water jug with tap water and ice for dusty ball game after dusty ball game. The icy water in the full water jug cooler is inviting for the kids and the Brita Jug Filter system makes the water taste better too.  
Weekend Kit for the Sports Team Family with a Brita Jug Filter system for filtered water
We put the water jug into the back of our mini van so that all four of the kids could fill up their reusable water bottles and stay hydrated all day long.  This was the perfect solution to throwing away hundreds of disposable water bottles this summer at baseball, softball, and T-ball.
Weekend Kit for the Sports Team Family with a Brita Jug Filter system for filtered water
I added another organization strategy to our baseball-induced hectic days:  A plastic bin filled with family essentials.  This is a bin we can keep in our van and have everything we need for a day at the ball fields: extra sweatshirts, sunscreen, bug spray, snacks, coloring books, little toys for my toddler and preschooler, and a big blanket for sitting on.  It’s a sanity saver in a bin and it’s got a new home in our trunk! 
Along with the plastic bin, I’ve got the Brita Jug and Filter System ready to go for each game day. 
Weekend Kit for the Sports Team Family with a Brita Jug Filter system for filtered water
We tried the Brita Jug Filter system on a five gallon Coleman jug cooler, but the filter system works great on Igloo and Rubbermaid jug coolers, too. I especially love the filter replacement sticker that we stuck right onto the cooler.  It’s an easy way to remember to change out the filters every two months. You can find the Brita Jug Filter system at Home Depot online at homedepot.com or visit the website to purchase.
Weekend Kit for the Sports Team Family with a Brita Jug Filter system for filtered water
Are you spending a lot of time at the ball fields this season?  Try the Brita Jug and Filter system to hydrate your family with better tasting water!
I have great news for you. Because the Brita Jug Filter system is an unsung hydration “hero”, Brita is asking for submissions for people to nominate their unsung hero via a photo submission on BritaJugFilter.com and H2Ohero. Just like the Brita Jug Filter is hidden, unseen in the jug cooler, an unsung hero is a person who makes other people’s lives a little bit better. 
The Brita Jug Filter is an unsung hero for making water taste better. Heroes that help others may not wear capes or masks, but they are doing their best to make the lives of other’s better, too!  
Do you know someone that is an unsung hero? Celebrate them by uploading a picture or video at Be a Brita Hero or by sharing on Twitter and Facebook with the hashtag #H2Ohero.  Ask your friends to vote for your unsung hero nomination.  They just might make it to the final four round and have a chance to win a trip to Atlantis Resort on Paradise Island in the Bahamas!

Submissions are being accepted through May 8th and the official winner announced on May 28th.

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