When Moms Sneak Chocolate

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I hear a crash.

I wait. but there’s no screaming.  There are a few giggles, but nothing that makes me think there is a HUGE mess.  I’m probably wrong about the mess part, but for now, all is good.  I go back to what I was doing a moment before the sound of falling toys.

Ahhh. A big old sip of chocolate syrup.  Strait from the bottle, and strait into my mouth.  There’s no time for spoons and I don’t even move from the cover of the refrigerator door.  It’s my “Mom Time” for today.  It’s my momentary respite from diapers, laundry, sibling brawls, and crashing toys. I’m a closet Chocolate Syrup Junkie.  (Or should that be fridge door Chocolate Syrup Junkie?)

It’s not every day, it’s not even an every week occurrence.  But some days, this mom of four NEEDS a big old swig from the bottle.  The chocolate syrup bottle that is. Some days are two-chocolate syrup swig days!

You know you're a Mom when you sneak chocolate when the kids aren't around.

A mom needs a little moment of indulgence.

You know what I mean, right?  There are schedules, work, homework, soccer practice, laundry, diapers, lost library books, grocery shopping, bills, dentist appointments, minivan oil changes, coffee pot malfunctions (Pleeeeasssse! NOT the coffee pot!), kids fighting…it’s a tornado of things that need done, stuff that needed done yesterday, and matters that need done two days from now.  And there’s no end in sight.

As a mom of four kids aged 8 and under, I know that there are times that I NEED a me moment.  All of those things and stuff and matters build up and…it can get hairy!  My husband tells me all.the.time: “Take a break!  Go out for dinner with your friends! PLEASE GO to a coffee shop!” (He’s an awesome hubby!)

But you know what happens when you night out for dessert with the girlfriends, right? There’s more effort into getting the kids fed, math homework done, and kids prepped, that I’m even more exhausted!  And then when I get home from the evening out…there’s clutter and toys on the floor.  I mean: the kids are cared for, snoring peacefully, and mom is refreshed, but sometimes it’s just easier to stay put for the evening, you know?

And I had to try them once I got home, of course.  
Mom tip:  Distract the kids with laundry.  
Kid: “Mom, what are you doing over there?”  
Mom, mouth full of chocolate and caramel: “Laundry, see?”  
*Hold up a stray sock.  Crisis diverted.*
You know you're a Mom when you sneak chocolate when the kids aren't around.
So tell me.  Do you sneak treats when the kids aren’t looking?  What do you sneak?  And better yet, where do you hide your treats??


You know you're a Mom when you sneak chocolate when the kids aren't around.