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Pencil Grasp Problems?

Struggling to help students with  Carryover of skills?

Want a Visual Description of Functional and Efficient Grasps?

Striving to make pencil grasp practice Meaningful and Motivating?

The Pencil Grasp Bundle is 16 pencil grasp resources, guides, worksheet sets, and tools for just $42.

Pencil Grasp Bundle

Pencil Grasp TOOLS

Screening tools, parent guide, resources for identifying pencil grasp problem areas so you can pinpoint strategies to work on.


Interest-based writing prompts, Centers activities, Worksheet packets, Fine Motor Plans, Pencil Control Strips (with Self-Assessment portions) so working on grasp is meaningful and fun.

Pencil Grasp EVIDENCE

Evidence-based activities, Data collection forms, Frequently Asked Questions and Evidence-Based answers so you can respond to questions on pencil grasp based on research.


Troubleshooting guides, handwriting tools for neurodivergent individuals, visual examples of functional and inefficient pencil grasps so you know when to address grasp.

Pencil Grasp
Success was never easier

It can be a real struggle to help kids address tricky pencil grasps.  

It is frustrating and difficult to weed through all of the information and pull out what will work for a child.  

You struggle with kids who work on skills but can’t carryover handwriting and pencil grasp into the classroom. 

Therapists may search for fresh ideas to address pencil grasp needs and wonder whether a grasp is considered functional or needs changing. 

Therapists need pencil grasp screening and educational materials to address a huge influx of therapy referrals

Parents wonder about development and skills. 

Teachers will love the Centers activities to incorporate into learning to impact carryover of handwriting skills.

Printable Pages
Dollar Value

The Pencil Grasp BUNDLE Includes:

Pencil control strips

Pencil Control Strips & Self-Assessment

Work on pencil control skills and pencil grasp at the same time. Students or therapists/teachers/parents can complete the self-assessment slips for each strip. 

11 PAGES- $3.99 VALUE

Interest Lists Writing Prompts

Collection of 150 interest-based list prompts to work on pencil grasp and handwriting in short writing assignments, guided by interest to make handwriting motivating!

50 PAGES- $6.99 VALUE

pencil grasp writing centers

Pencil Grasp Centers Packets

Use these printable sets to incorporate fine motor skills with handwriting to combine fine motor work with pencil grasp practice. Center packets include an instruction packet, Fine Motor Letter Draw sheets, Fine Motor Letter Match sheets, Fine Motor Sight Words Match, and Fine Motor Word Match sheets. 

34 PAGES- $8.99 VALUE

parents guide to pencil grasp

A Parent's Guide to Pencil Grasp

Therapists seeking to explain development of pencil grasp will love this packet. Parents will love this easy-to-understand explanation of fine motor skills, grasp patterns, and activities to do at home. 

5 PAGES- $4.99 VALUE

neurodivergent pencil grasp

Pencil Grasp and Handwriting for the Neurodivergent Individual

Use this guide to better understand pencil grasp and what it may look like in neurodivergent individuals. Use the strategies to address needs such as low tone, sensory processing challenges,physical differences. Perfect for working on pencil grasp with children with Autism, ADHD, Down’s Syndrome, and more.

5 PAGES- $4.99 VALUE

monthly fine motor activities

6 Month Weekly Fine Motor Plans

These monthly planning sheets include weekly fine motor plans for 6 months worth of activities. Plans use only 5 items per month, making planning and execution of activities easy. Use these plans in home program, therapy planning, and classroom center activities.

10 PAGES- $4.99 VALUE

visual pencil grasp info

Pencil Grasps Quick Visual Guide

Wondering whether a grasp is part of normal development, functional, or needs addressing? This visual guide shows pictures of each grasp so you can identify a child’s grasp pattern and move forward toward functional handwriting.

6 PAGES- $5.99

pencil grasp exercises

Pencil Skills Exercises

Work on pencil grasp and pencil control with skills exercises. Incorporate these sheets into pre-writing warm-ups to help with pencil grasp carryover. 

28 PAGES- $5.99

handwriting homework sheet

Pencil Grasp Homework Tracker

Pencil grasp is difficult to change when it’s only worked on in therapy sessions! Carryover requires consistent practice of skills and home involvement is essential. Use this Handwriting Homework Tracker to assist with parent involvement in addressing pencil grasp needs. 

1 PAGE- $1.00 VALUE

data collection sheets

Pencil Grasp Data Collection Tool

Working on pencil grasp requires data to see quantitative changes as a result of intervention strategies. Use these data collection trackers to get data from any handwriting or pencil grasp goal.

4 PAGES- $3.99 VALUE

pencil grasp troubleshooting

Pencil Grasp Troubleshooting Guide

Use this guide to identify problem areas related to pencil grasp, possible issues, and strategies to address common pencil grasp concerns. 

6 PAGES- $3.99

Pencil Grasp Red Flags

Use this red flags handout to educate and inform parents, teachers, and therapists regarding pencil grasp issues related to functional and inefficient pencil grasps, including when intervention may be necessary.

1 PAGE- $1.00 VALUE

home program sheet

Pencil Grasp Activity Home Program Sheet

Use this pencil grasp and handwriting sheet to communicate goal areas. Can be used as an additional home program sheet to assist in carryover of skills.

1 PAGE- $1.00 VALUE

Evidence based pencil grasp

Frequently Asked Questions and Evidence-Based Answers

Used to hearing the same questions over and over again? Here are the most common questions asked about pencil grasp and the evidence-based answers you need.

7 PAGES- $6.99 VALUE

screening tool

Pencil Grasp Screening Tool

Use this pencil grasp screening tool to help identify pencil grasp patterns that may be functional or inefficient, making communication of underlying needs and potential interventions streamlined.

4 PAGES- $4.99 VALUE

handwriting carryover

Pencil Grasp Carryover

Carryover is one of the most challenging aspects of working pencil grasp with kids. THese carryover guide helps to explain how and why this happens and what to do to help. 

6 PAGES- $3.99 VALUE

This Bundle is for me!

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