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The therapy world can be a jungle.

We’re battling teletherapy, full caseloads, busy schedules, limiting insurance reimbursement issues, and even burnout. As an occupational therapist, this can be overwhelming. You need quick, easy-to-find treatment ideas and occupational therapy resources…right now. You don’t have time to recreate the wheel when it comes to occupational therapy handouts, OT resources, or worksheets. You need evidence-based therapy tools and you need them for that session happening in 20 minutes. That’s where The OT Toolbox comes in.

The OT Toolbox is your resource for fine motor activities, visual processing resources, sensory processing tools, screening tools, teletherapy activities, data collection tools, crafts that build skills, executive functioning strategies, and more. We know the power of motivating, meaningful activities based on interests and passions. This site has everything you need to guide therapy sessions so you can serve those on your caseload. 

Let’s talk resources for occupational therapists!

Free Resources for Therapists

Need free teletherapy slide decks to guide occupational therapy sessions? Need printable activity sheets that build underlying skills like visual perception, emotional regulation, or coping strategies? Looking for handwriting practice sheets or therapy home programs? You’ll find it all under free resources for therapists. 

Products for Therapists

Need handouts for parents? Hands-on activities for clients? Need activity guides, screening tools, or fine motor center activities? These products for occupational therapists are designed with your needs in mind. Check out the highlighted items in The OT Toolbox shop and add tools to your toolbelt so you can save time and focus on working with kids!

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