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It can be a real challenge to run a classroom of children with a variety of needs!

The classroom may be a collection of children with attention challenges, physical disabilities, sensory needs, and typically developing kids…all with a variety of personalities and specific needs. All of this while trying to fit in all of the curriculum requirements, special activities, testing, and more. Add in virtual learners, hybrid schedules, teaching from an online platform, creating hands-on opportunities for learning, and meeting the needs of kids during these strange times…all while trying to connect with kids! Teachers today are forging a new path in education. You need tactics that work and you need them NOW.  

Every day, school-based occupational therapists collaborate and work right in the classrooms, and that can be a power source of information that can help the whole classroom. But what if you could find strategies THAT WORK for your classroom? That’s where this website comes in.

Let’s talk resources for teachers!

Free Resources for Teachers

On a good day, finding the right tools that the classroom is a challenge! Kids struggle with attention, emotions, self-regulation, fine motor skills, core strength, visual attention, pencil grasp, and executive functioning skills. They are on screens more than ever. All of this impacts learning and classroom dynamics. Explore the resources below, and click the button for “more resources”…you’ll find yourself immersed in handouts, hands-on tools, worksheets, movement-based activities that meet the needs of students so they can learn, write, read, pay attention, and get things done in the classroom!

Products for Teachers

Need resources for the classroom and therapist-approved tools to help kids gain the skills they need? Need to better understand what’s happening behind sloppy handwriting or a weak pencil grasp? Want to work on specific areas in your classroom so your kids thrive in learning? These resources for teachers are yours!

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