Spatial Awareness Handwriting Activities

We’ve shared a lot of creative ways to work on handwriting here. The spatial awareness handwriting activities on this page are ones that will help your child or student write more legibly with space between letters and words.  One of the most effective ways to help students write is to address the spacing issues.  When letters are crammed up against the others or words are squished, legibility suffers.  An easy fix for written work is to have kids space out the words.  Bigger spaces between words and an awareness of letters inside a word can help teachers, classmates, parents, and even the student himself to re-read written information much more easily.

Try these creative ways to work on spacing between letters and words.  Be sure to stop back. More ideas will be added soon!

Spacing awareness in handwriting

Activities to Help with Spacing Between Letters and Words

  Spatial awareness difficulties can stem from several different areas.  The activities in this post are designed to help kids become more aware of visual perception in written work.

Visual Perception and spatial awareness in kids.  What is Spatial awareness and why do kids have trouble with spacing between letters and words, reversing letters, and all things vision.  Great tips here from an Occupational Therapist, including tips and tools to help kids with spacing in handwriting. Visual Spatial Relations activities for handwritingEasy accommodations for poor spatial awareness in handwriting.Try this line awareness and spatial awareness handwriting activity using puzzle pieces and crayons to work on handwriting in a fun and creative way that doesn't require writing.
Spatial awareness puzzles for helping kids address visual perception skills needed for spacing between letters and words when writing.Make a spacing tool with this space martian craft, and work on visual tracking, visual perceptual skills, and visual attention in handwriting.use graph paper to help kids work on visual motor integration skills and legibility through improved line awareness, letter formation, size awareness, spatial awareness, and handwriting neatness.Use a visual cue of boxes and starting dots to work on letter formation, line awareness, space awareness, and size awareness of letters when teaching kids to write.
Visual processing checklist for Occupational Therapy, classroom, teachers to help students with handwriting and classroom tasks.
Visual Processing and Handwriting


Working on pencil control in handwriting? Why not start a handwriting club for kids? Kids can work on handwriting skills in a fun way. Here’s how to start a handwriting club kids will WANT to join!


Tricks and tips for activities to help with spatial awareness handwriting activities

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