Scissor Skills

As an occupational therapist, working on scissor skills with kids is one of my favorite goal areas.  There are so many ways to get creative with modifications to paper, lines, and scissors.  The fine motor activities that work on the muscles and dexterity needed for scissor use are fun, too.  Stop back soon as we add new activities all the time.  You’ll want to follow along on our Scissor Skills Pinterest board for more scissor activities for kids.

Scissor activities for kids

Scissor Skills in Kids

This Easter activity for kids doubles as a scissor skills activity to build precision and accuracy with cutting with scissors.
 Narwhal craftTeach scissor skills by playing with slimeThe Scissor Skills Book helps kids develop the skills they need to cut with scissors.
 Simple trick for teaching kids to hold the paper when cutting with scissors Teach kids to slow down and cut on the lines scissor skills for kids Ultimate guide to scissor skills
 attention behavior and scissor skills

More scissor skills activities for kids:

The Scissor Skills Book