Pencil Control

Pencil control is a huge part of handwriting legibility.  Holding the pencil, manipulating it within the hand, efficiently and effectively stopping and starting on lines, forming letters with turns in direction, and managing minute pencil strokes within a given writing space all require pencil control.  These handwriting activities are all dedicated to improving pencil control needed for improved legibility.  Improving pencil control will allow a student to consistently write legibly even when required to write at faster writing speeds.

Pencil control activities can help kids improve legibility during handwriting.


Pencil Control Activities 

Be sure to stop back to this page often, as more pencil control activities will be added soon.

Working on pencil control in handwriting? Why not start a handwriting club for kids? Kids can work on handwriting skills in a fun way. Here’s how to start a handwriting club kids will WANT to join!
use graph paper to help kids work on visual motor integration skills and legibility through improved line awareness, letter formation, size awareness, spatial awareness, and handwriting neatness. Try these pencil control handwriting exercises to work on writing in lines with the small muscles of the hands for more accuracy with lines, legibility, and speed when writing.Work on handwriting with crayons using these easy precision of pencil control exercises. Kids love these ideas to work on fine motor skills and develop neat handwriting.!
Use foam sheets to work on letter formation with kids in this fun handwriting activity.Use this free pencil control exercise to help kids work on handwriting legibility.Use sandpaper as a strategy for helping kids to learn how to make letters, number formation, letter formation, spatial awareness, and line awareness in handwriting with a sensory, tactile, and proprioception activity.Work on handwriting skills like line awareness, letter formation, pencil control, spatial awareness, and bilateral coordination with tangle art!
Pencil control activities are beneficial for improving handwriting legibility.