Size Awareness in Handwriting

Working on handwriting? Size awareness in handwriting is a powerful way to improve legibility and neatness in written work. Handwriting is a complex task. When kids are struggling to hold the pencil, form letters, sit up strait, and visually attend to the tasks at hand, parts of handwriting can easily become more difficult.  Size awareness in handwriting is one of these areas.  When a child is asked to write quickly, copy from a distant point such as a board in the classroom, write creatively in a writing prompt, or visually scan between a book or workbook, letter size quickly declines.  
You often times see kids with handwriting struggles with words and letters of all sizes.  There might be tall letters (b, d, h, k, t…) and upper case letters that are the same size as lower case/small letters like a, c, o, m, s, or v, etc.
Try these handwriting activities to help kids work on neatness and legibility with consistent letter size.  Be sure to stop back as there will be more activities added to this page!

Size awareness activities for legibility and neat handwriting

Size Awareness in Handwriting

Use the sky ground technique of writing to help kids improve legibility through improved line awareness, letter formation, and letter size.Use a visual cue of boxes and starting dots to work on letter formation, line awareness, space awareness, and size awareness of letters when teaching kids to write.Visual processing checklist for Occupational Therapy, classroom, teachers to help students with handwriting and classroom tasks.Work on handwriting skills like line awareness, letter formation, pencil control, spatial awareness, and bilateral coordination with tangle art!
Use bold lines to help kids write with better legibility Use transfer paper to work on letter formation, size awareness, line awareness, and pencil pressure in handwriting with this easy writing trick that will help kids write with neater and legible handwriting.Make a Desk Letter Strip from a ruler to help kids work on letter formation.5 easy ways to work on visual perceptual skills with markers.
Work on Visual Perception with Markers

Working on pencil control in handwriting? Why not start a handwriting club for kids? Kids can work on handwriting skills in a fun way. Here’s how to start a handwriting club kids will WANT to join!


Size awareness in handwriting activities for kids

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