Think Outside the Entrepreneurial Box


Ready to start thinking outside the box and start your own OT business?

Need freedom from: 

  • ⏱ The productivity grind?
  • 📉 Declining reimbursement rates – and pay?
  • 🏖 Losing your vacation time and weekends to PRN jobs
  • 😣 Being stuck because you’re not sure what else is out there?

There’s an OT business to fit everyone’s unique personality and style. Let’s get you thinking outside the box and using your OT lens to guide entrepreneurship!

  • If you want a step-by-step action plan to take you from idea to business, this course has you covered.
  • If you are looking to add on to a traditional practice in the way of workshops, community events, and programs, so you can generate referrals this course is for you.
  • If you don’t have an idea in mind (YET!) but know you want to stop working for someone else, this is your guide.

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This course includes:

  • 10 modules to take you from idea to business creation
  • Interactive workbook for a step by-step action plan to keep you on track
  • Learning Outcomes Assessment and Course Evaluation Survey
  • This course offers 3 credit hours and a Certificate of Completion (attendee responsible to submit for professional development)

Module 1: Introduction to Starting a Business from Scratch

Module 2: Your Story Here: Why OT Professionals ROCK at Entrepreneurship

Module 3: Types of Entrepreneurship: Business Ideas for YOU

Module 4: Turn Your “Why” into a Business Idea

Module 5: Niching Down

Module 6: Mission & Values: Your North Star

Module 7: Business Roadmap

Module 8: Step-by-Step Action Plan

Module 9: Mindset & Motivation

Module 10: Getting Unstuck