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Thank you- Upcoming Sensory Diet Book Info

Hi! Thank you for wanting to know more about the upcoming book all about sensory lifestyles and creating sensory diet strategies that work! 

The book is ALMOST complete and I'm excited to share more information with you about the book. 

Sensory Diet resource guide book will help therapists, teachers, and parents learn about sensory diets and discover how to create a sensory diet strategy that encourages function in kids with sensory needs.

Here are a few facts and a brief description of the book:

*It took over a year to write the's a comprehensive resource when it comes to setting up a sensory lifestyle!

*The book is in its final stages of completion. Right now, it's off at the designer, who is working her designer magic and making it look amazing!

* This book has everything you need to know about getting started with a sensory lifestyle, including what a sensory diet is, who needs a sensory diet, the various layers of a sensory diet, and much more!

*The book contains tactics to make sensory strategies authentic and meaningful and tips to ensure carryover of sensory lifestlye recommendations. 

*There are a bunch of data collection sheets and resources related to the stages of setting up a sensory life, monitoring sensory diet strategies, and education.

*There are strategies for using the components of a sensory diet in developing co-existing developmental areas like fine motor skills, gross motor skills, bilateral coordination, motor planning, handwriting, etc...the areas that so many sensory kids struggle with!

*There are specific sensory strategies that can be incorporated directly into functional tasks in a child’s day such as riding the bus, completing school work, participating in community events, etc.

*This book is a HUGE resource for anyone who lives with, works with, teaches, or loves a child with sensory needs! 

I will have much more information to share very soon...including the title, release date, and a few fun free offers for you just because you signed up to learn more about the book. 

Did you arrive at this article and want to learn more about the book? Sign up at this link on sensory diets in the classroom to join the list of thousands of others who want to learn more about sensory diets and how they can help kids with sensory needs. 

I CAN NOT wait to share more with you!

COMING SOON!! This brand new sensory lifestyle book is coming very soon!

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