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DIY Pine Cone Christmas Tree Ornament

We made this Pine Cone Christmas Tree a few weeks ago before we had our Christmas tree up and ready for decorating.  This little tree was fun to make even before the holiday was in full swing.  We love to take hikes in the neighborhood and woods to collect pine cones and always have a few around that are ready for fun projects and crafts.  Our pine cone Christmas Tree was fun for painting and even fine motor skills.  Pressing all of the little pieces into the pine cone was a great way to work the small muscles of the kid's hands during a Christmas craft!  Our little pine cone Christmas tree is nestled in the branches of our tree looking pretty cute! 

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Pine cone Christmas tree craft and ornament. Great for fine motor skills. By Sugar Aunts

DIY Pine Cone Christmas Tree Ornament

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We started with some pine cones that we painted a nice green color.  You might have seen the action on our Instagram feed.  Once our pine cones were dry, we started decorating.  For this craft, we used a little red cord and crafting pom poms in different sizes.

Pine cone Christmas tree craft and ornament. Great for fine motor skills. By Sugar Aunts

The decorating part was great for fine motor work.  We used a little glue to glue on the yellow pom pom to the top of the pine cone tree.  Little Guy liked pushing the small pom poms into the pine cone.  We didn't need any glue to make them stick...just a little finger muscle!  Pushing those little pom poms into the pine cone was a great way to work on tripod grasp while holding the pom poms and making them stick in the pine cone.

We loaded that pine cone up with little white pom poms!

To finish the decorations, all we needed was a little of the red cord to make it all come together!  We didn't use glue for the cord either.  Just winding it around the pine cone was enough to make it stick and stay in place.  This was another fine motor dexterity task for Little Guy.  He was pretty pleased with the way his pine cone turned out!

Let us know if you make one of these pine cones!  We love to see your version of our crafts and activities!

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