Visual Closure

Visual Closure

It’s possible that you’ve heard the term visual closure before as this is a common visual skill that impacts learning, reading, and math skills. But did you know that visual processing skills also impact fine motor skills. Occupational  therapists assess and treat visual skills as one of the underlying contributors to functional deficits. Visual closure is just one of those visual perceptual skills that … Read more

Visual Closure Workbook

Visual Closure Workbook

The Visual Closure Workbook is a 65 page digital file designed to impact visual perceptual skills for reading comprehension and efficiency, and the ability to visualize a complete image or feature when given incomplete or partial information. With functional visual closure skills, we are able to determine

This visual perceptual skill resource includes:

  • Information on visual processing and visual closure
  • Tips and tools to address visual closure needs
  • A thorough explanation of visual closure and what problems in this area look like in everyday tasks
  • Reproducible worksheets and activity lists
  • Activities to grade visual perceptual skills in hands-on activities
  • 3 levels of worksheet pages in a variety of themes

Snowman Visual Perception Worksheets Set

snowman visual perception worksheets set

Running out of visual perception activities during the long winter months?  The Snowman Visual Perception Skills Pack has you covered!  This digital worksheet packet includes ten different worksheets to target visual perception and visual motor skills.

Who doesn’t love snowmen?  These great designs are eye catching, engaging, and fun for even the most reluctant learner.  The Snowman Visual Perception Skills Pack contains several great worksheets that can be easily downloaded and printed for immediate use.

What is Visual Attention?

Visual attention

Visual attention is a hot topic when it comes to learning! There’s more than meets the eye when it comes to being visually attentive, however. Attention to visual information is an area of visual processing that is more than just focusing on a task or leaning activity. Attention and awareness of visual information is a … Read more

Winter Clothes Worksheet for Visual Perception

During the cold winter months, bundling up in mittens, scarves and other winter clothing is a must, which makes today’s winter clothes worksheet a fun way to work on various skills with children in the theme of winter! We’ve covered quite a few different winter occupational therapy activities here on the site, and this winter … Read more

Visual Perceptual Skills

Visual perceptual skills are such an ingrained part of everything we do! From reading and writing in learning to finding a missing toy in the playroom, visual perception is involved in so many functional tasks and activities! Many times, occupational therapists work on visual perception through play while working on other skills in therapy. Below, … Read more

Visual Discrimination

Visual discrimination

Visual discrimination is just one of the seven types of visual perception impacting visual efficiency.  While the word “discriminate” has many different meanings, visual discrimination refers to the ability to tell the difference between things. Someone who has “discriminating taste” can tell the difference between Heinz and off brand ketchup, for example. This blog post … Read more